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   Chapter 1 First Day Of School

The Ex-wife By Ruth Stevens Characters: 2765

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Natalia Walker“s POV :

"Wake up mommy"

"Wake up"

"It“s my first day of school"

I jumped up out of bed when I heard the words that flew out of my sons mouth. I slowly rubbed my hands on my eyes trying to get rid of the sleep in them. I looked over to my son who was silently staring at me in amusement. I swear he is too old for his age. I smiled at my baby earning a grin from him.

"Come here L", I smiled at him using the nickname I gave him ever since he was born.

I watched as he ran over to me and tried to climb up on the bed. He knew that he couldn“t climb up on his own but he always tried. His steely determination reminds me so much of his father. Keeping the tears at bay I grabbed onto his small arms pulling him up on the bed and into my lap.

"You ready for your first day at school ?", I asked already knowing the answer.

He looked up me his big brown eyes bright with excitement "yes mommy I“m ready, I“m a big boy now"

I smiled to myself pulling him close to him. Luke was the spitting image of his father. The day he was born was the happiest and one of the saddest day of my life. When Chase kicked me out of my life I knew that I would forever have a reminder of him, I just didn“t think that they would look so alike especially since he“s just four years old.

I didn“t realize that I was crying until I felt Luke wiped the tears away


"Why are you crying mommy ?", he asked.

"It“s nothing", I smiled through the tears "its just that I“m going to miss you"

"Don“t cry mommy", he hugged me tightly "I“m gonna miss you too"

I kissed his cheeks in thanks smiling as he giggled.

"Let“s get you ready", I jumped out of bed hoisting him up into my arms.

"Yay !!!!!!"


"Be good for the teacher", I said to Luke as he nodded his head enthusiastically.

I pulled him in for a quick hug glad that he wasn“t one of the kids that would pull away at school.

"I love you honey", I whispered into his ear pulling away from him to hold him at arms length.

"Love you too mommy", he grinned kissing me on the cheek.

"Off you go"

Not needing to be told twice Luke ran off into the classroom. I stood behind the door looking at him as he took a seat talking to a little blonde girl. My baby, a charmer already. Chuckling softly to myself I exited the school building and pulled out my car keys. Opening the front door I climbed in the car and put the key in the ignition after closing the door.

Pulling onto the road I drove straight home not stopping anywhere. Opening the door I walked in surprised by who I saw inside my house.


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