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   Chapter 21 Statistics

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*Women who fight back have 86% chance of avoiding injury.

*One sexual assault occurs every two minutes.

*17% of the victims were assaulted by someone they knew very well.


Your Armoury

Some of the basic weapons that you can use for self defense are.





5)Pepper spray (If you don"t have one, buy already!)



1) If someone tries to take you away from the public to a secluded area, no matter what he says, don"t go!

2) If you are attacked, directly go to a police station or a hospital before cleaning up so that fingerprints or DNA traces of the attacker can be obtained.

3) Shout specific words like "Help", "back off" etc to draw the attention of people.

4) Be aware of your surrounding and avoid taking shortcuts through isolated areas.

5) It is preferable to have a dog, especially if you are living alone.

6) Lock your room when you are asleep or out of the room, even for a few minutes.


Things you shouldn"t do

Don"t reason with the attacker

He has already prepared for the heinous crime, so reasoning with him is of no use. Someone who would do such a thing doesn"t think like you. Deep down, you probably believe there"s a way to resolve a problem without anyone getting hurt. But there is not. So you have to take him out by surprise.

Don"t be an easy target

Attackers usually go for people who they think can be easily controlled. They also look for clothing that will be easy to remove quickly, like short skirts or anything with straps that can be cut. So wear overcoats or jackets and jeans while you are traveling outside, but make sure you can move your arms and legs freely. You can make yourself a harder target by controlling your accessibility, setting and circumstance. Stay in areas with more people, walking with confidence and purpose. Sometimes just looking like someone who is not to be messed with can stop a would-be attacker in his tracks.

Don"t hesitate

Don't be afraid to fight if you feel threatened in any way. A decent man won't approach a woman in a place that she would feel vulnerable, especially after she asks for him to stop. Women who don't resist are more likely to be assaulted and su

or two keys and mention that your husband or boyfriend will be joining you soon. You can never know who might be listening to your conversation.

Attack him back

You can"t wait for someone to save you. You have to be the hero. During a truly violent encounter, you have about five seconds to act, and the safest self-defense technique is to cause an injury to the attacker. Mistakes come from hesitation. Don"t pause to see how things are going. These are opportunities for him to recover and hurt you. You can"t wait for him to attack. Attack him first and cause enough injury to make him go down. Try to make him lose his footing and once he is down, use your shoes and kick his knee or ankle so it"s difficult for him to pursue you. Don"t try to back up, it will slow you down. Stump him before making the run. Don"t slap, put all your force in that punch to the nose or kick to the groin. Attack him with all you have got.

Your elbow is the strongest point on your body. If you get close enough, use it on his face. If you end up on the ground, use your legs to kick free from your attacker. Go for his four weakest points: eyes, throat, groin and knees. If you are grabbed around the waist from behind, pinch your attacker under the arm, in between the elbow and armpit or in the upper inner thigh. You can easily pull the muscle away from the bone in these areas. If you are forced to comply before you can fight, grab his balls and yank. He will be unable to rape after being castrated.


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