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   Chapter 16 ONLINE DATING

The Ultimate Dating Diary By A. Royden D'souza Characters: 10135

Updated: 2017-12-12 19:04

Some tips on Online Dating

?Keep your email id anonymous.

?Give your cellphone number rather than your home number.

?If you decide to meet, then it is better to meet in public places. They might not be sweet as they seem.

?Do not ever lend money to the man you just met on the internet. That is some high level stupidity.

Online dating has its own advantages and disadvantages. Even though online dating sites filter people who are interested in dating, all those people might not be genuine. When you are trying to find your match online, just remember, whatever is given in their profile may not match the real person at all, so be very careful.

Usually people are different in real life than what they seem to be online. Online dating is useful only if you are actually going to meet the person, otherwise it"s just a waste of time. You might as well get a hobby instead. It will do you more good.

And one more thing. When it comes to online dating, it"s probable that the man is seeing more than one woman. You can"t know for sure, so don"t go throwing accusations like a desperate little girl. Once you actually meet, then you can set some boundaries.

And remember the golden rule, "The more you try to hold him in your grip, the quicker he will slip away", so don"t be too bossy, be fun.

Writing your profile

When you are writing your online profile, make it simple and interesting, and keep it brief. Don"t go writing paragraphs of stuff about yourself. Trust me, nobody is gonna read it if you write a whole essay about yourself. Just stick to the important things.

Please be as simple as possible. Don"t write like a rich spoiled kid. Don"t write stuff like, "I want this" or "I want that" or "I"m only interested in a man who drives this or that". Instead you can write what kind of a man you want, like what values do you want in him, not physical things like cars and houses. Trust me, even if they have what you are looking for, they won"t like you, because they will think you are just a gold digger.

Don"t brag about yourself in your online profile description. Don"t write anything that you are not in real life. It will only lead to problems later on.

Once you have developed a connection and you both like each other, it"s time to meet up in person. If you just stick with online dating, it will fade and you will end up on square one.


Be careful while texting. Just because you can text him anytime doesn"t mean you have to. And please don"t text just to check on them, it"s annoying. You can send flirty texts, but let there be some boundaries.

You can text him for recommendations and other stuff like that, but don"t go texting about how lousy your day was.

One more important thing is, don"t text him anything that you wouldn"t say to their face. And it"s better to keep your messaging apps pattern locked so you don"t text them while you are drunk.

Another way of keeping a upper hand is doing things your way sometimes, but not always. Let"s say you wan

r antisocial elements.

Keep some of these suggestions in mind while using social media.

- Try to connect only with people you know in real life. Facebook is a tool to keep in touch with your friends and family, better keep it that way and save yourself from unnecessary stress.

- If you are adding a friend, first scan his profile and check whether he is genuine or not.

- Do not accept friends request from people having profile pictures of celebrities.

- Try to assess the person by reading their posts. If they have obscene pictures and posts on their timeline, it is better to block them.

- Never trust anyone on facebook. They might act all innocent and shit, but trust me, they are only trying to dupe you.

- Do not ever send messages or photos that might later be used to blackmail you. Even if you delete them on your side, the message will remain in his account, even if you block him.

- Never send any revealing pics via social media. Once they are on the internet, it is out of your hands. Don"t be surprised if your images show up all over the place.

- Do not agree to hook up with a person you met on facebook. Even if you are foolish enough to meet up with him, do it in a public place like malls and stuff, and be sensible enough to notify your siblings and friends. Be careful and keep an eye on what you eat and drink.

- Never post pictures of you drinking, smoking etc. on social media. It will attract all kind of two faced trash to your account. It might even lead to problems when you are applying for a job, and they decide to do a background check.

- Never post about a planned trip, especially if it is a secluded place. Even if you have to post pictures and stuff about your trip, do it after you return. The world ain"t gonna end if you don"t post it right away.

Please follow some of these tips and be safe on social media. Of course you think you are an exception and that you are safe. Trust me, that"s what they all think before shit happens.


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