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   Chapter 14 BREAKUPS

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Updated: 2017-12-11 19:04

The right way of breaking up

A breakup is inevitable in most relationships. There are lots of reasons for breaking up. If you have been in a breakup, you will know that it can be painful.

It"s not like you get over someone, and you can just leave them. You should let him know the reason why you are breaking up with him. At least you owe him that much.

Whenever you breakup with someone, do it in a civilized manner. Cause minimum hurt and let them move on with closure.


The Etiquette of Breaking Up

Breakup in person

Have the decency to breakup in person, especially if he is a good person. You can"t just breakup over a call or a text. Let him know the reason. Tell him face to face, so that he can seek closure. Just imagine, if you were in his shoes, in what way would you have preferred him to break up with you? Do the same for him.

Go through it once. You know how he might react, so consid

t the fear of people overhearing. By private, I mean somewhere close to the populace, not in abandoned ruins and forests.

Be firm

Once you have made your decision, let it be final. They might plead that they will change, trust me, they won"t in a long shot. They will eventually come back to what they were. If you know that you can"t spend your life with someone like him, then you have to end it right there. Be honest and firm. Do not falter in your decision. Let them know where they went wrong, so that they can improve themselves. Once you have made your decision, don"t look back. It"s done!


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