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   Chapter 13 How to Repair A Relationship How To Get Him Back

The Ultimate Dating Diary By A. Royden D'souza Characters: 5040

Updated: 2017-12-11 19:04

(These are proven techniques, so don"t fuck up these rules thinking that you know better. You might think that he might move on if you don"t make a move, but if you had anything serious going on, then it will take a very long time for him to move on. So take your time before you are ready)

Maintain a no contact period

If you want to save your relationship, please don"t go crawling back to him right away. He should start missing you, so at least give it a month (minimum), and more if needed. This includes no texting and no calling. He won"t reply even if you text, and even if he does, it will only end with him rejecting you again and again, not to mention your chance of getting back going out the window. (80% of the people fuck up with this rule thinking that their ex is different and will end up losing them forever).

Like I said, he will only start missing you if he thinks that you don"t miss him. Even if he tries to contact you, tell him that you need some space for a few days. This will definitely make him want you back. You might think this is rude, but trust me, you can"t win him back by being polite.

P.S. Please avoid drinking, because this kind of dumbfuckery usually happens when you are drunk, when you are not in control of your senses. This will end up in a unrecoverable disaster. Period.

Try to understand the reason for the breakup

Try to find out what went wrong. See if you can resolve these issues, before you approach him. Even if he agrees to give it another

the right decision breaking up with you. Instead, try to be yourself and go out with your friends, have fun. Obsessing too much will decrease your desirability by 90% flat.

You might think that if you show him affection, he might come back, but this is never gonna happen. This will only make them feel suffocated and more firm they will be in their decision to break up with you.

Know when to give up trying

Please don"t make him reject you again and again. When he says that he wants to break up, you can ask the reason. You can even let a couple of tears slide by. But please don"t beg or plead. Just accept it and back out like a queen. You can cry after you are alone in your room.

Once you have hold of your emotions, go and try to have some fun with your friends. As long as you maintain minimum or zero contact, he will slowly start missing you and will start yearning for your company. All you need is patience and self control, which is very hard to master nowadays.


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