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   Chapter 8 THE FRIEND-ZONE

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Updated: 2017-12-08 19:04

The friend-zone is considered to be the most dreaded of all. Some women can become best friends with any guy, but never seem to be able to take it to the next level. They are playful, they are spontaneous, but they fail to make a romantic connection. When you don"t have that sexual tension or chemistry between you, then you end up in the friend-zone. It is very hard to get out once you are in here.

This is when we long to have a relationship with someone close to us, but they treat us like any other friend. It sucks! This usually happens if you like him too much and shower him with attention, being too helpful and not expecting anything in return. And this is not good for a relationship, where everything must be balanced and mutual.

He will see you as being too easy. He might keep you around as a friend, but there won"t be any chemistry between the two of you.

It sucks to be in friend-zone. He will enjoy your company and hang out with you as a friend, and you are stuck there, hoping that he will fall in love with you. But that rarely happens, because life is not a romantic fantasy. You will be torn apart by conflicting emotions while he hooks up with other girls.

If you want to remain a friend then that"s great, but if you don"t, then you must make him pay more attention to you. But getting out of a friend-zone is more complicated than it sounds.


How to Avoid the Friend-Zone

Here are some tips that you can follow to get yourself out of the friend-zone. But if the two of you are truly friends and if you like being his friend, that is, if the friendship is mutual, then you don"t need these rules.


What I"m trying to say is, don"t get too close to him as a friend. The more you get to know him without forming a connection, the more likelier you will end up in the dreaded "Friend-zone".

You would do well to avoid talking about his gir

e a romantic connection. Show that you are into him, but don"t come onto him too strong.

One of the reasons for being friend-zoned might be that he is high above your league, in which case these tips do not help much. My only advice is for you to concentrate on your career and better yourself from what you were. Then you might have a chance.

If you just want to get rid of the feelings, then you need to slowly reduce the effort you put into him. To put in a simple way, Effort is directly proportional to the feelings you develop for him. Hence, as your effort decreases, even your feelings will slowly start to subside.

Remember one thing though. Being beautiful and sexy isn"t enough when it comes to a long term relationship. There must be emotional connection, without which you will be nothing more than a beautiful woman. He might be attracted to you initially, but if there is no emotional connection, he will eventually start losing interest in you. Just practice and build up the qualities which you lack.

(P.S. These rules are useful only to ensure that you don"t end up in the friend-zone or when you are trying to get out of a friend-zone. Don"t follow these rules if the friendship is mutual and you are content being friends with him)


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