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   Chapter 6 The Most Important Rule of All

The Ultimate Dating Diary By A. Royden D'souza Characters: 8538

Updated: 2017-12-07 19:04

Try not to engage in intercourse on the first few dates

This depends on the kind of boy you are dating. Many factors come into picture. Whether you know him or you are meeting him for the first time. Anyway, if you are looking for a solid relationship, refrain from having sex during the first few dates at least, that is if you want his respect. It is ideal if you wait for a year until you know him completely, and you have met his family.

The reason I"m telling you this is because, if sex comes too easily, then he might not even feel the need to invest more effort in the relationship. He will start taking you for granted and will put his efforts into seducing you rather than forming a connection. Thus you will become an object, an escape from his problems.

If he is a good guy he will never ask you first, and even if you are the one to initiate, he will try to stop you. Even if he leads you on, turn him down in a polite way (If you like him, then don"t be too harsh), but turn him down nonetheless. But pay attention to his reaction. If he reacts in a bad way, or acts emotional or persistent then he doesn"t plan on staying with you for long. He is on the date just to get laid. A guy who wants a relationship with you won"t take your denial too seriously, because he wants to build an emotional connection.

Trust me, that makes you even more challenging and hence more attractive. And upon that he will trust you more, because by displaying integrity, you have shown him that you are not the kind of woman who jumps into bed with every man she meets.

If you engage in intercourse during the first week (or even the first month for that matter) of the relationship, he will start doubting your faithfulness, and he will begin to wonder whether you do it on every date. He will start thinking that you are too easy and he will start losing interest in you. He will respect you more if you resist, at least until you are fully committed to each other.

And when you are dating high school and college guys, you need to be more careful about sex. Because most of them will not be mature and will follow you around only till you are a challenge, that is only till you are withholding physical contact. Once you give them that, they will start losing interest in you, because there is no more mystery, no more challenge. Within a few weeks, if not days, your "relationship" will be over.

If he doesn"t ask you to sleep with him, then it means that he is really interested in you, not just your body. If he asks you to have sex with h

e have their own definitions of beauty. What really matters is how you see yourself. Because, that is how others are going to see you. So, first you have to embrace your imperfections, and that will take you on the road to perfection. Once someone starts liking you, your imperfections become irrelevant.

- When I talk about building emotional connections, It must be mutual. If you are the only one who is always swooning over him and he doesn"t care much, then that doesn"t make it an emotional connection.

- When you begin a relationship, never drop your friends and career for the sake of that guy. It will drastically decrease your value, making you come off as too needy and untrustworthy. Don"t make him the center of your life or you will end up losing everything. Instead make him a part of your life, along with your friends and career. This way, you will have everything. As I always say, the more you try to hold onto something, the more it will slip away. So just go along with the flow. Don"t change your whole lifestyle just for the sake of the guy. If you want him to fall in love with you, then you need to let him invest some effort in the relationship. He has to earn that position on the top of your priority list. You can"t just hand it away.

- Never try to control the flow of a relationship. Let it go on naturally. Eventually it will lead to a commitment. The more you try to tamper, more the chance of failure.

P.S. Booty calls are not good if you are trying to build a relationship. So find a way to gently turn him down. This will show him that you are not ready to give up on your standards on his convenience, and hence more sophisticated you seem.


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