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   Chapter 5 A Few Things to Remember While Dating

The Ultimate Dating Diary By A. Royden D'souza Characters: 3857

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Take it easy on commitment. Most guys fear commitment. They want to be free. The more you tighten your grip, the more they will slip between your fingers, so let your grip be loose. Believe me, they will come to it eventually. And please don"t share your plans of getting married too soon. It will scare off the guy right away. It"s not because men don"t like commitment, it"s because they don"t want to feel like their whole life is planned already. Trust me, the faster you move towards commitment, the sooner you will lose him. If you just go with the flow and don"t rush, then the guy will wonder if you are really interested in him and hence he will be the one to move things forward.


Get rid of your insecurity. That is one of the most unattractive qualities that a woman can have. Everyone has insecurities. Even the most beautiful woman in the world has insecurities. Some people are just good at hiding it.

One more thing you should remember is, the more insecure people are, the more they will try to throw that insecurity on others by insulting their looks and behavior. Trust me, when someone insults you, it"s because they don"t feel good about themselves. Your insecurity may grow when someone gives a bad comment on your looks, but remember, it"s one person"s opinion. It doesn"t even make a difference. Don"t let them bring you down. Concentrate on your positive qualities. Be confident! Stand tall!


Don"t be too flirty, especially not before he starts showing interest in you. If he feels that he can impress you with anything, then he will start taking you for granted. Never stop being a challenge. Once you stop being a challenge, you will stop being attractive in his eyes. Don"t be a pushover.


When I say "Don"t be too flirty", it doesn"t mean that you have to act outright uninterested. Th

at doesn"t work either. If you are acting like an ice princess, cold and unfriendly, no one will dare to approach you, let alone ask you out. They only see rejection when they see a ice cold woman.


Leave you insecurities behind when you enter into a relationship. Are you worried about your physical looks? It doesn"t really matter as long as you carry yourself with confidence. Are you worried about your age? It doesn"t matter. Everyone ages. Relationships are based on emotions, not logic. As they say, men aren"t attracted to young women, they are attracted to youthfulness. So, long as you act youthful, you are good to go. So age doesn"t really matter. It"s you who decides whether you are young or not.


They don"t really care about your past relationships, so please don"t chase him away with details of your old boyfriend. Talking about past relationships is one of the worst things you can do in a relationship, at least when you are in the beginning stages of your relationship. Let go of the past. If you are too hung up on your failed relationships, then you will definitely fail at the present one too. So let it be a fresh start.


In the early stages of the relationship, you might think agreeing to everything he says will make him like you more. That is bullshit. You must never change what you are, no matter what. If you have some standards, adhere to it. If you don"t like something, just tell him, or it will lead to problems later on. It is better if you disagree with stuff you don"t like right at the beginning, instead of doing it a few months down the line, where he might take you in a wrong way.

When you stick to your standards, you come off as someone of high value, and this in turn makes you more attractive. But you need to be genuine about your standards.


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