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   Chapter 2 A Note on Teenage Relationships

The Ultimate Dating Diary By A. Royden D'souza Characters: 3251

Updated: 2017-12-05 19:05

Before we go any deeper, my honest advice is, get a career before beginning a relationship. Because, once you get into a relationship, it might be difficult to fully concentrate on you career.

But I know that isn"t gonna happen in this age, where teenagers start dating even before they know what career means. Teenage relationships are usually too shallow, based on physical attraction, with too many expectations and minimum responsibility, often ending up in heartbreaks because of this reason. No wonder everyone is depressed nowadays. But remember, physical attraction is not "love".

Anyway, I know that you aren"t gonna listen to that, so just remember the basic rule. When you start dating, do not give up on your friends, hobbies, career etc., just for his sake. It will end badly, because one day you will start resenting the person if he doesn"t reach your expectations, even after sacrificing so much. And another reason is, if he breaks up with you, you will have nothing left, because you had given up everything else. So always remember, make him a part of your life, but not your first priority. This is one rule that you cannot break if you are aiming for a happy and lasting relationship.

Always have a close friend that you can trust, whom you can ask for advice and who will keep you from making irresponsible decisions, because your judgment will be clouded by your hormones when you are in an immature relationship.

The problem with teenage relationships is, sometimes there might be too much emotional investment by one person, while the other person doesn"t take it too seriously, which is q

uite unhealthy. Because, when the relationship goes downhill, it takes down the emotional person with it.

So you gotta learn more about your own feelings and emotions before you ruin your life by being in a wrong relationship. This book will tell you everything you need to know so you won"t make that mistake.

Relationships can be sweet, when you use the right ingredients, but sometimes you fail and it will become the most bitter thing in the world.

You keep trying to find your true soulmate, but this time you will be armed with some good techniques that will help you when you find your prince charming.

What women don"t know is, even men want a lasting relationship and even they want to marry the woman of their dreams.

Dating someone you already know is one thing, but when you go out on a first date with someone whom you do not know very well, that is completely different.

We often fall for the wrong people. If you are a girl, then you might start dating a "good guy", but you might not like him very much, even though he does everything you ask of him, whereas you will be attracted head over heels towards a "bad guy", who is not even interested in commitment or investment. Have you ever wondered why your emotions work that way? You will have the answers to all your questions once you are through with this book.

This book contains tips and suggestions to help you understand the basics and foundations of a healthy relationship. By the end of this book, you will have the basic idea of how emotions work, so that you can have better chance at a happy relationship.


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