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   Chapter 14 Betrayal

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Gina“s POV

I was angry no angry was an understatement but my mother taught me not to take out my anger on people even if it“s the person you“re mad at.

"What do you want?"Venus snapped at Christopher making my train of thoughts stop.

He looked at me with pure kindness and at any time that would have made me swoon but all I could do was glare at him intensely.

"I“m sorry Venus.You could have everything if you want. I don“t care anymore."He exclaimed clasping his hands together.

She shook her head looking at him,"I want your bitch of a wife to apologize."She stated, folding her arms.

He looked at her in confusion,"What.....why?"He asked, furrowing his eyes brows.

She gasped,"Don“t play dumb with me!You know exactly why she needs to apologize."She exclaimed, glaring in Christopher“s direction."I know nothing as stupid as that would escape your mouth without someone behind it."

Personally, I was surprised how was she so sure it wasn“t his ass that“s being plain old stupid.

"You have known Anna longer than I have, she“s not going to apologize in any shape or form.She was made like that." He claimed, running his hands through his silky brown locks.

"You mean she was made a bitch."She scowled, placing her hand on her forehead.

He chuckled,"Yeah something like that."

She stood up,"Fine I forgive you but one more stunt like that and your ass is not related to me."She threatened, pointing her finger at him and then leaving.

He suddenly turned towards me and I saw this as my queue to leave.

"What the fuck Gina where the hell are you going?"He yelled, walking after me."Tell me what“s wrong?"He ordered, stepping in front of me so I wouldn“t escape him.

"Nothing,"I claimed, putting on a fake smile and he shook his head.

"Hey, man Christopher we haven“t seen each other in so long." Drew his best friend exclaimed and I quickly took this as my escape but stopped when I saw Annabelle making out with Justin the Angelopoulos“s family lawyers son.

I couldn“t help but overhear what

o erupt within me.Apart from me was telling me how wrong this was yet the other side didn“t care and was quick to respond to this kiss.

We were about a minute into a heated make-out session until something in me finally snapped.

As much as I didn“t want to do this I pulled away.

"Chris no we can“t do this your married and as much as I dislike your wife as a person no one deserves to be cheated on even though she did it before.Two wrongs to make a right."I rambled and he shook his head giving me an amused look.

"Mark my words Gina Willis I will make you mine."




Antonio“s POV

I glanced at my watch for what seemed like the millionth time.I quickly skimmed the document for the second time that day and signed off before grabbing my suit jacket and heading for the door but right when I was about to open it the door opened revealing Noami.

"Hello, darling.Did you miss me?"She asked, wrapping her long arms around my neck.


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