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   Chapter 13 Reason

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Venus“s POV

"What?"She asked, with a hint of playfulness.

I huffed a deep breathe and then decided to cut to the chase because I knew at this pace she wasn“t going to confess anything."Since when have you liked Christopher?"

She began to play with her fingers, something she did when she was nervous and then she looked back up at me."Ever since grade school."A tear escaped her eyes and I couldn“t help but hug her."I keep thinking maybe he will notice me one day but now......"She trailed off wiping her tears."I“ve always loved him."

"Oh honey, why didn“t you ever tell me?"I asked, hugging her tighter.

"Because I thought our friendship would end if I told you."She continued to cry on my shoulder as I led her to the bathroom.

I helped her wash her face as she tried to calm down.

"If it makes you feel better I doubt his marriage with the Evil Queen will last longer then a couple of months."We both chuckled, as she wiped her eyes with a paper towel.

"What does she have that I don“t?"She asked, looking at her reflection in the mirror.

"Um well first off your very kind, generous, intelligent, your not a raging bitch, and your ten times as beautiful inside and out."I patted her back and a smile played across her face."I know if I told you to forget him.It won“t happen so I“m going to allow you to obsess over my dumb ass brothe

and I couldn“t believe like the idiot I was, I was allowing her to get to me.

I left Annabelle and began to walk in Venus“s direction.

I heard Annabelle huff a deep breathe and mumble some things under her breathe.

"Hey shrimp cake......hey Venus."Both Venus and Gina rolled there eyes.

Well it looks like I have a lot of repairing to do.

Gina is looking pretty hot today.

What the fuck was I doing thats not even the purpose of this conversation.

"She“s not small why the hell do you call her that cringey nickname?"Venus asked, twisting her hand in a questioning manner.

I had my reasons that I was not going to admit to my baby sister.


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