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   Chapter 7 He is Off Limits

Her Archangel By alabastersnow Characters: 4698

Updated: 2017-11-21 19:09

Venus“s POV

I woke up to the sun shining directly on my face and right then a scorching headache began as I quickly sat up clutching the sheets to examine my surroundings.

Oh shit this wasn“t my room it was Antonio“s but he wasn“t there and I was naked.

This had to be a joke!

There was no way I slept with idiot on literally the second day after our marriage.

I“m so stupid how did I let that happen.

Right when I stood up there was this pain right in between my legs and It made hard to move.

This was not how I Imagined losing my virginity. It was no different than a one night stand with a womanizer. He didn“t even have the decency to say something.He just left.But you know what I“m the stupid one who fell for his charm after the second day. I had to admit he was hot and the eight pack did not make it easy to resist.

I quickly went to the shower and let the steamy hot water just pour onto my body.I began to scrub my skin and I didn“t even realize I was scrubbing hard until I removed the scrub to reveal a itchy rash on my shoulders.Maybe I thought the nightmare would just fade away.

He probably was going about his day not even acknowledging the night we spent together.

Ahhhh why the fuck was I acting like a crazy ass clingy bitch with no pride?

I was better then this. No I am better than this.

A ringing of the doorbell brought me out of my train of thoughts so I quickly hopped

using me to jump

I sighed and applied a smirk on my face,"Your not the boss of me.What I do is none of your concern.Its not like were married for real."He gave a glare and I matched it.

"As long as were married you can not go out with him."He said more like ordered but I wasn“t backing down now.It was now or never.

"So your telling me you can walk around with any bimbo you like and the boundary for me stops at your brother Luca." It was more like a rhetorical question but he nodded his head trapping me in between his hands.His hot breathe was now against my neck as mine involuntarily hitched causing my heart rate to accelerate greatly.

"Your my wife.Mine only, I don“t want him near you."


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