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   Chapter 2 Death Vs. Marriage

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Antinio“s POV

"While the night was quite a joy ride everything good has to come to an end."I announced,buttoning my white suit shirt as the girl stared at me in confusion.

"Your leaving why?"She asked, clutching the sheets around her figure with sadness overcoming her features and I sighed looking her way at how ignorant she was.

"Honey you were what I call a one night-"I began to explain with my hands moving with me but she interrupted, realization finally dawning upon her.

"Don“t say it?"She hissed, tears nearly breaking through her green eyes and I pinched the bridge of my nose in frustration, rolling my eyes.

"What did you expect after one passionate night I will declare my love for you and we will get married and live happily ever after."I laughed in a mocking tone rolling my eyes once more as anger overtook her features this time and her eyes boiled with hatred.

"You took advantage of me."she cried and I stared at her blankly.

"Zoe-" I started but she stopped me gasping.

"Its Marian you ass wipe."She roared, pointing towards the door ."Get the fuck out before I call some one to drag you out."She got up clutching the white sheets around her body and I clicked my tongue against my mouth.

"It will be my pleasure." I smirked turning towards the door and she through a vase my way but luckily I dunked walking out with pleasure written over my face.

Gosh I love my life, no tied relationships, no women nagging over my head, no children,no commitment ,thus no fuckin stress.

I as a man don“t believe men were meant to settle down and those who did, damn I felt sorry for those suckers because once your in theres no going out.


I was siting at a meeting in our company with Global Tech.They were by far the best company for technology and there supply was high in demand.

When I wanted to sell a home,restaurant , hotel, gas station etc etc. I wanted to provide the best quality for my customers and technology was first on the list, besides the fact that the owner Marcello was my cousin.He was a self built billionaire unlike me but I did make this company ten times bigger than it originally was.

We were sitting at the round pine wood table and the sun was shinning brighter than ever through the long glass windows, the contract was sitting right in front of me along with a pen in my left hand when out of the blue my mom entered and my very attractive secretary right behind her.I only hired women that were good looking preferably with ass and breast, thus they had to be thick or they were not my type.So let me just say I saved them the embarrassment from making a move.

"Ma“am you can“t be in here."Loyola said, flipping her jet black hair to the side and my mom stopped glanced at me than Marcello, than continued walking.

"Antonio she“s gone."She yelled and I took a minute to glance at her, she was wearing a huge gap sweatshirt, her straight brown hair was a jumbled mess,mascara was running down her cheeks, essence of wiped lipstick was on her chin and her slacks were dragging.

Wow I had never ever seen my mother like this usually she was elegant as fuck but now she looked like a women who just went through a break up.

"Who“s Gone Mom?"I asked, handing her a tissue.

"Annabelle has betrayed us she has left Antonio."She expl

ained, continuing to sob with the tissue in her left hand and I sighed, Here I thought it was something serious.

It was common for Annabelle to disappear , no she was the queen of disappearing and than reappearing out of the seventh hell.

"Mom this is what you interrupted my meeting for you know Annabelle she is probably out and about partying with her no good dumb ass friends."I rolled my eyes in annoyance, how long were we going to chase her I have no clue.

"No they informed us.."She sniffled barring her face in her hands."The Angelopolis leader informed us that......she ran away with Christopher, his son."She finally blurted and I felt a knot build up in my stomach.

"Is fuckin stupid, how the hell does she run away with the enemy we have been battling for years now." I yelled in rage and shoved my hands into my slacks so no one could see pulsing fist.

"They found them and the two families want to discuss a negotiation."She explained, nearly falling and Marcello caught her before she could stumble on the ground.

I stood there trying to take in what happened than finally said,"Alright lets go see what the hell they want negotiate and Im sorry Marcello can we reschedule for some other time."

"Yeah no problem."He assured in a deep tone and I mouthed a thank you before sighing than trailing off after my mother.


We walked into the mansion and the whole parking lot was filled with big ass bulky body guards, it made me feel like I was at a damn wrestling match accept without all the yelling, it was a firework of crickets and there voices were deeper than rocky standing beyond me.

My dad, Alastair Christopher“s father and Luca my eldest brother were sitting there in awkward silence glaring at each other.

So I decided to lighten up there mood with some Antonio magic.

Goodness here we go, praying they don“t eat my head in the process.

I cleared my throat and than finally spoke "Well now that the man of the pack has showed up can we get started." And all their eyes directed to me as I chuckled in an awkward manner and Luca gave me the boy if you don“t sit your ass down look Im going to beat you up Italian style.

So I walked to the nearest sofa and sat down, to my dreadful luck it was next to Luca.

"I want keep this short and quick."He said rubbing a hand around his bread."Luca you and my daughter Venus will have to wed in order for Christopher and Annabelle to live."He explained, in a serious deep tone and I knew Luca and the expression on his face did not mean any good was coming.

"What no who are you to tell me who I will and won“t marry."Luca yelled, standing up and I placed a hand on his shoulder to comfort him but he pushed it off.

"Its the only choice unless you want to kill your sister of course."He furrowed his eyebrow and Marco frowned.

"I will not marry. I won“t." He yelled walking towards the door.

"The wedding is tomorrow if you don“t marry her your sister will be dead."Alastair hissed causing Luca to stop for a split second and then continue walking.

"No Luca no please son you can“t do this."My mom said continuing to fall as her legs began to tremble and I helped her back up.


So what do you think Luca“s Next move will be?

Please let me know what you think


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