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   Chapter 1 A Man With Flaws

Her Archangel By alabastersnow Characters: 3180

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Venus“s POV

"Your beauty is far too rare for the horror of the world."

As if it were yesterday my father informed me that I could not leave the mansion when I wanted.He clarified that half my life was going to lay here in between these walls for my protection and being the age of sixteen I couldn“t really argue.

Arguing with a man as powerful as my father was like yelling at a wall that will later on give you no subtle response.It was meaningless and will remain meaningless until this day.

With my mother, he was never as heartless or stone cold as he is now. Somehow she found a way to cover the beast within him but after passing away, that beast came storming back into our lives with fiery mass destruction bulging through that once kind-hearted man.

Glaring at my reflection in the mirror I combed down my curly blonde hair and watched the curls straightened out then once again reform as my brother came storming through my bedroom door with hardly any balance.

I stood up immediately to help him.

"Venus."He said, caressing my left cheek and by the stench of his breathing, I knew he was drunk.

"Whats wrong Christopher?"I said, helping him lay on the bed.

Being older than me my brother wasn“t the most responsible person on this earth.He tends to drop one shiny toy for the next and could care less about the upcoming consequences.

"I need to marry her Venus."He blurted out, gazing my way.

"Who do you need to marry Christ

opher?"I said, laying his head on my lap beginning to run my hands through his silky smooth hair.It was a habit I got into every time he came to me with a complaint about his life.

"Who?"I smiled warmly to ensure him my mouth was sealed.


"Oh that“s quite a lovely name," I said, trying to comfort him.

Annabelle..... Annabelle.... Annabelle.... I knew that darn name from somewhere I just couldn“t put my finger on it. Oh crap! Oh crap! We are in deep dew dew do.No no no it can“t be her it can“t, can it?

Oh, fuck what if it is. What if she is a DeVaio. Dad would slaughter us joyfully.

I gulped before finally saying"Chris is she a-"

"DeVaio."He said shaking his head.

My heart began beating rapidly, as my hands began to jitter.If the two families knew there death would occur the same minute of the notification on their phones.I have not even lived my life yet, I am only eighteen.What about all the hot men with accents I wanted to see?

"Are you insane? Have you lost your barnacles?If your father knew-"

"You think I give a damn of that mans opinion,"He yelled, as I got up to circle the room for a hidden solution.

"Well, your gonna give a damn when he comes knocking on your door with a bullet to your head,"I announce, placing my palm at the top of my forehead,"Dad will shot you in a heartbeat and you know that."

"I could care less about anyone. Annabelle will be mine."He yells, with anger fulfilling his facial features as he runs out the door.


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