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Approximately 9 months later

"Come on Venus push," Antonio spoke as I gripped his arm tightly.

I couldn't help but look at him annoyed.

He was the reason I was going through this agonizing pain for the third time.

"Don't you tell me to push Antonio, "I yelled gritting on my teeth."I'll push when I want to push."He chuckled slightly."Oh, you think this is funny huh. You better wipe that smile off your damn face before your banned from ever touching me again."That seemed to have done the trick because a look of horror overtook his features before he nodded briefly which made me smile.

"Come on Mrs.DeVaio you need to, "My smile faded as I glared at the doctor. This seemed to have shut her up.

"I know what I have to do, "I yelled while pushing."I don't need you two telling me."

When I heard the sound of a cry I collapsed onto the pillow.

"Its a boy, "She said handing him to Antonio.

"Give me a minute before I have to push out the second one,"I told her while trying to control my breathing.

Dr.Shelby smiled."It doesn't look like you have a minute it looks like this one is way eager to come out."

I groaned in frustration while pushing."I'm going to kill you, Antonio just wait until I get my hands on you."

"Darling not in front of the children, "He said rocking our son in his hands."We shouldn't provoke violence at such a young age."

I couldn't help but glare at him.


and then climbed onto the bed, as well and then shortly after the nurse brought our other two bundles of joy in the room.

She handed me, Alessandro and Antonio Aria.

I looked down at Alessandro and then looked at Aria in Antonio's hands.

"He has your eyes, nose....he's the carbon copy of you but a boy version. "Antonio joked.

I chuckled as Angelo tilted his head to take a look at his sibling."Finally, I was beginning to lose, hope I have at least one that looks like me. The rest look like you."

Antonio's eyes held so much mirth within them as his lips formed a smirk."So when do you want to get started on the next mini you?"


And there you have it, folks.

I believe this is definitely the end for Antonio and Venus.

I feel like this is a good place to leave them at.

This chapter is a thank you for the endless support of this book.

I hope to see some of you reading my other books


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