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Approximately 4 years later

Venus's P.O.V

"Anna don't do that," I scolded her for the nth time as I pulled her away from a sleeping Angelo.

"But mommy the baby is cold," She whined, folding her arms over chest.

I rolled my eyes at her. Angelo has been in her life for eight whole months and she still insists on referring to him as the baby. Not my brother or Angelo but the baby.

"Just because he's cold it doesn't mean you should place the blanket on top of his head, Anna. You could suffocate him," I replied while kneeling down and looking into her brown eyes.

She nodded."Mommy, what does suffo....cate mean?"

I chuckled softly before getting back up." It means he could die from lack of air."

Her eyes widened before she quickly ran to Angelo's side and tapped him lightly on the head while saying." I'm sorry, baby."

"What are you sorry for, angel?"Antonio asked walking in through the doorway with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

Her gaze shifted from Angelo to the ground while saying."I put a blanket on the baby's head."

Antonio chuckled as he bent down and kissed Anna's forehead."Anna you know the consequences are very bad, yes?" He asked placing his finger on her chin so she would look at him.

"I know," She replied firmly this time matching Antonio's gaze.

He ruffled her brown hair before getting back up and handing me the flowers, a warm smile on his face."Congratulations on signing Roman Dontell."

"Thank you," I replied and then gave him a peck on the cheek."But um how did you hear about this?"

He rolled his eyes."The minute you signed him he called me personally to let me know."His jaw clenched and unclenched."If he wasn't Gina's half brother I would have kicked his a-"

"Antonio." I glared at him motioning at the kids.

He ran his hand through his hair."Anna is watching t.v and Angelo and Jayden are sleeping so we are in the clear."He smirked pulling me firmly into his hold.

"Gina will kill me if Jayden's first words are -"

"Come on you got to admit though there isn't a better word that describes him, Venus," He scof

t having another child."His brown orbs grew a few shades darker as he spoke," But if it's you who wants another one I can only impose," He chuckled while leaning down to place a kiss on my neck.

"Antonio..... I'm serious,"I moaned while running my hands through his hair.

I could feel his smirk forming."I promise after the fifth one-"

My eyes widened."You want me to go through that again three more times?"I asked my voice becoming louder with each word I spoke.

He chuckled while looking at me."Well you know if we do things right it could only be two times,"He stated a matter factly.

I rolled my eyes."And what are the chances?"

He smirked."We'll never know unless we try."I couldn't help but chuckle.

I sighed."This better work or your gonna-"

"I'm very confident in performing abilities."He winked at me and I couldn't help but blush.

I bit my lip slighly."Okay."

"Really?"He asked surprised.

I nodded."Really. Now shut up and kiss me,"I demanded and Antonio instantly complied by placing his lips against mine.


Hello My babies

Sorry it took so long I was just having a hard time saying good bye to Antinio and Venus and I wanted there ending to be good.

Thanks for the endless support you have given me and this book!!!

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