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   Chapter 29 Shock

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Antonio's P.O.V

"Your one lucky son of a bitch you know that?"The policeman chuckled lightly while swinging the keys in a circular motion.

I looked at him confusion very visible in my eyes.

Did he not see that I was behind bars or was he just blind?

"Your loaded, you have a stunning wife, a baby on the way and you were proven innocent one hour before your trail. If that's not luck by definition than I don't know what is," He smiles broadly as he undoes the lock to the cell.

"What do you mean proven innocent?"I asked while walking out of the jail cell."Did you guys find who accused me?"He nodded, making little to no eye contact with me."Who is he?"

He looks at me sympathy visible on his features." Yes actually we did find him but it's best if you find out for your self who accused of such a vile

fore I got to say good bye to her beautiful mother the love of my life.

A gun shot was heard drawing me from my train of thoughts. Without hesitation I examined myself throughly when I saw it wasn't me who was fired at I looked at Luca only to find him covered in blood.

I only looked up when I heard the sound of a gun dropping only to find a unfazed Venus looking back at me with a gun in her hands.


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