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   Chapter 28 I Will Stand By You

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Venus's POV

"May I see Antonio De Vaio, please?"I asked the young policemen as politely as possible.

"What are you to him?" He asked placing his hands on his hips.

"His wife," I replied pulling out my ID and handing it to him.

He quickly glanced over it and then nodded." Follow me," He said, and then turned around to start his path to where Antonio was located.

I trailed behind him without another word.

"You have 5 minutes," He said, sternly and then opened the door.

I nodded and then walked in to a medium sized room where Antonio was kept behind a jail cell.

Antonio's head cocked in my direction and his beautiful brown eyes widened."I had nothing to do with Christopher's-"

"I know....I know," I took a deep breathe as I closed my eyes for a brief moment."I know you'd never try to kill anyone especially my brother."

He sighed."I really want to know who could do this?"

I shook my head."I don't know either but all I do know is

high pitched voice answered.

"I'd like to report someone."I said my voice still shaking.

"Ok, who and what for?"

"Luca De Vaio," I replied and then took a deep breathe."For the attempted murder of Christopher Angelopolis and the possible murder of Antonio De Vaio." I quickly said.

"What do you mean by possible murder?" Curiosity was evident in the speakers voice.

"Luca De Vaio is planning on killing Antonio, his brother."


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