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   Chapter 26 The Harsh Reailty

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Venus's POV

Present Day

Gosh, where could he be at this hour.

'Stop convincing yourself that he is out with your brother at this hour because he's probably fucking some stick like Naomi while poor gullible you is sitting here worried sick.'

No, he wouldn't. I know Antonio would never do anything so vile.

'Yes but you two are separated and he hasn't got any for months.'

There's no way.

'Keep telling yourself that darling maybe it will help you sleep better at night.'

Before I could continue to argue with myself a knock at the door brought me from my train of thoughts.

I quickly ran to the entrance hoping deep down that it was Antonio but when I swung the door open I was surprised to be met by two policemen.

"Are you Venus De Vaio?"The taller of them asked in a rather deep voice.

"Yes, "I whispered while nodding my head.

"Your husband Antonio De Vaio has been convicted of the attempted murder

he was fine and kicking last night, " I yelled as the tears made there way down my cheeks."No, she can't be gone. I never got the chance to say goodbye or make her nursery all pretty and pink or tuck her in at night or even sing her a lullaby when she's scared at night. My baby she left me before I got the chance to do anything for her. I'm sorry darling. I'm sorry that Mommy didn't love you enough. I'm sorry that Mommy didn't take care for you enough."


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