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   Chapter 25 Flashback

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Antonio's P.O.V

4 years ago

I was at my desk reviewing the measurements of our next hotel that will be built in exactly two months from today when someone knocked at my office door.

"Come in, "I spoke while still keeping my eyes trained on the blueprints in front of me.

When I heard the heavy door close I looked up for a brief second to find Namoi staring back at me.

A smile played it's was across my face and I quickly got up to greet her."Hey, babe."

She gave me a smile but it wasn't one of her famous smiles where she flashed her pearly whites won't knew something was definitely wrong."Hello, darling."

I ran my hand against her jaw."Whats wrong baby?"

She sighed."Baby are you coming to see me tonight?"Naomi asked while adjusting my tie briefly.

I took her hands in mine while looking into her olive green eyes."I'm sorry baby but I can't, " I replied sympathetically.

She removed her hands from mine and scoffed."You're always working and you never make time to see me, "She whined as a tear made it's way down her face.

I heaved a sigh."Naomi please try to understand that I have to work long hours so I can prove to my father that I'm worthy of running our family company. That I'm worthy of keeping the CEO position that just got handed to me a month ago." She blinked back the tears that we're threatening to spill and then nodded.

"Ok, but will you come and see me tomorrow?"She asked her eyes searching for any sign of agreement.

I nodded."How about we have dinner tomorrow at your favorite restaurant?" She bit her lip while jumping excitedly.

"Of course."She pecked my lips and then took me into her embrace.

Gosh she was beautiful and all mine.

"I love you, "I told her.

She finally released me from her embrace."I love you too."

I kissed her on her cheek."I will see you tommorow, my gorgeous girlfriend."

"Bye, darling."She waved and then left my office.

Before I could even get back to work my office door swung open once again but this time it was my Dad and boy did he look enraged.

His cobalt blue eyes were shooting daggers as he strode towards me."The company has bee

when my scorching glare was met with her gaze.

A gasp escaped her lips."Antonio."This time Lucas head cocked in my direction and I could see clearly the look of disdain that I always was to naive to see.

"Why?"I asked, hurt evident in my voice."What did I ever do to you?"He chuckled softly while shaking his head slowly.

"Don't act like you didn't see this coming, brother, "He said the last word with such disgust that it made hurt even more."I never liked you. You never liked me. It was sort of mural."

I shook my head on the verge of tears."That's not true. That's not true at all."All Luca could do was roll his eyes."And you, " I yelled pointing an accusing finger at Naomi." I thought you loved me and all this time you were deceiving me just to-"

Naomi stood up wrapping the sheet around her breasts."No, Antonio I do love you, "She cried taking a step close to me but I backed away.

I ran a hand across my forehead."If this is your idea of love then your fucking demented."I glared directly at the both of them."I don't want to ever see either of you and if I do I promise you both it will not be settle."


Hello my darlings it's been a long time but I'm back.

I had some family problems but now everything is resolved thank goodness.Thank you for being hella patient.

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