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   Chapter 24 Trapped

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Antonio's POV

I had just finished going over the contract for the new restaurant I was selling to H&L tomorrow morning when I received a text from Christopher.

"Hey, can you meet in the alleyway near Justin's Pizza Parlor, I need to discuss something with you."

What could he possibly want to discuss at this hour and at a place like that? That place had a murder occur literally every week. I decided not to think too much into it.

I replied, " Ok I'll be there shortly."

I grabbed my suit jacket, left my office and made my to the kitchen only to find Venus gazing at me intently.

"Why are you still awake Venus?" She averted eye contact as she fiddled with her fingers.

She scrunched her nose up."I got hungry."She took a bite of the banana in her hand. God how I wish the banana was my-

"And ever since she started kicking an hour ago, she hasn't really stopped, "She laughed while rubbing her very visible baby bump.

"Oh, so she started kicking, " I mumbled sadly.

Why didn't she tell me? I mean I'm apart of this too. She's my daughter too.

She squinted her eyes shut."I was going to tell you but I decided against it because you seemed fully engaged in your work so I didn't want to interrupt you, "She rapidly rammbled and then took another bite out of her banana.

Venus got up and walked up to me. She took my hand gently and placed it on her baby bump. Right than and there I felt my baby girl kicking against my hand. Knowing that I had a hand in creating her brought a smile to my face.

Venus's aqua blue eyes were glimmering as a smile made its way in her face."Do you feel her kicking?"She asked while biting

as trying to fight the smile that was making its way across her face.




"Christopher, where the hell are you?"I knew he was here because his car was parked in the front but I couldn't see any trace of him so I decided to look further.

I took out my phone so I could use the flashlight and then I pointed it in the direction I was walking.

I froze in my tracks when I saw what was at the end of the alleyway.

There lied an unconscious body.

Curiosity took the best of me and I found myself walking slowly towards the body.

It was Christoper. The body belonged to him and he was bleeding nonstop.

Without hesitation I kneeled down next to him to check if there was a pulse but before I even got close I was interrupted.

"Antonio DeViao you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Christopher Angelopolis."


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