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   Chapter 23 Something More Original

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Updated: 2018-07-11 10:35

Luca's POV

" Are you saying we should kill him?"Annabelle asked her face paler than ever.

Gosh, my sister was dumb sometimes.

I glared at her." No, Annabelle, I'm saying we should give him a pat on the back, " I replied sarcastically." Of course, we should kill him that's obviously our only solution. He's only going to create more and more trouble for us and we can't get anywhere with him in our way so we kill him, I get Venus, and you get a bank account."

She purses her lips together." How and who do we pin it on? You know the Angelopolis family won't rest until they get justice. They won't just leave it be, trust me when I say this." I shot her one of my famous smirks and chuckled.

"You've got a genius for a brother; you shouldn't be worried, " I stated confidently.

She huffed a deep breath while tapping her heel against the hardwood floor." Fine, but I'm leaving for London with Justin in an hour."

I nodded my head." I'll inform you when he's dead so you can come to collect your

k like that. Everybody will be suspicious of me so I have to do something more, something more original."I laughed maliciously. I pointed the gun in between his stomach and rib cage and then pulled the trigger without any hesitation.

Christopher yelped in pain while trying to balance himself.

I wasn't going to risk him waking up and confessing so I shot him again but this time he collapsed on the ground.


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