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   Chapter 22 Solution

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Luca's P.O.V

I still can't believe Venus forgave Antonio for disowning their daughter and kicking her out all at once.

How could she be so ignorant. Antonio didn't deserve any forgiveness. He deserved to rot in the deep depths of hell.

If only Venus could see that. If only she could see Antonio was no good for her and that I was her perfect match but she wouldn't even be with me if Antonio wasn't out of the picture, for good.

After three long heart surgeries I was just about the retire for the evening when I received a call from Annabelle in the locker room. Without any thought in the process, I answered

"We have a situation. Meet me at my house in fifteen minutes, " She stated firmly and then closed the phone without giving me any chance to answer.

What could possibly be that bad that she called me at 12:30 in the morning. I huffed a deep breathe and headed for the hospitals exit.




I made it to Annabelle's house, sorry mansion in record time. I walked up to the anciently designed, big mahogany door and rung the door bell.

While I was waiting I couldn't help but examine this place throughly. This place was huge. No huge was understatement. I'm pretty sure a whole village can live here and there will still be space for more people to settle in.

Why the hell does she need such a big place for just her and Christopher? I menta

h..didn't um..I don't have it, " she mumbled.

"What?" I asked, not fully comprehending what she said.

"I don't have it."She was looking everywhere but me.

"How the fuck could you screw up something like this?"I gritted on my teeth.

"When he left, I went to go check for the envelope. It wasn't there. The only possible conclusion is that he took it and that's how he found out, " she rambled.

" Annabelle he knows way too much, at any time he can expose all three of us, " I stammered looking directly into her brown eyes.

She ran her hands through her hair." What do you propose?"

" We get rid of him for life."


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