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   Chapter 20 Divorce

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Antonio's POV

"I want a divorce, "Venus mumbled with no emotion visible in her words.

My heart nearly stopped.

Was she serious?

She can't marry Luca. There was no way she was marrying him. Could she? Would she do that to me? No, no she wouldn't.

"We're not getting a divorce. I refuse for my child to be labeled as a bastard."I all but yelled and she flinched.

I knew I screwed up by believing that witch Naomi the minute I saw my daughters ultrasound. How can I allow my daughter to call Luca of all people, Dad but I had to hand it to him that was clever, of course, he was going to accept my daughter if he was ever going to have a chance with Venus.

Aghhh that bastard.

There was no way on earth that I would allow him to take my woman from me. They were my family and I wasn't going to allow him to take them away from me. It certainly wasn't happening this lifetime.

If I convinced Venus to stay married to me until our daughter was born that what would buy me some time so I could find a way for her to forgive me and hopefully she will remain my wife until the day I die.

"I can't stay married to you if you are going to put the blame on me every time things get rough Antonio."Venus cried out in frustration.

She looked so hot when she was mad. Da

that envelope after I call Justin, " She claimed and then ended her call with Luca.

I quickly ran down the stairs, out the door, and to the mailbox. I opened the mailboxes lid and began to rummage through our mail until I found the only envelope that was in the mailbox and grabbed it without much thought in the process.

I entered the garage, unlocked my car, placed the envelope in the cars safe and entered the house once again to find Annabelle in the kitchen.

"Annabelle we need to talk, " I stated firmly while looking directly into her brown eyes.

"What about?"She asked, ever so innocently.

"I want a divorce."


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