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   Chapter 19 Heartbreak

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Venus's P.O.V

"What I do with my life is none of your concern, " I hissed and for some God-given reason, this idiot was smirking as if I had said something amusing.

" As your husband, I have a right to-"

I erupted into a fit of laughter which made him stop and look at me.

"Is something I was saying funny?"He asks, somewhat annoyed.

I glared at him.

" Look, Antonio, you can't just throw me out like garbage and then when you suddenly realize someone else has stepped up to take care of your responsibilities you come to me with all the bs about as your husband I have rights." I practically yelled." You have no right over me." I stated firmly.

" I will not have Luca be a father to my daughter." He barked while pointing his finger at me.

I scoffed, "Oh now she's your

woman who's desperate to seek attention from a man?"I asked completely hurt by his statement. His eyes showed a hint of regret but it was too late, "I want a divorce, Antonio, "I mumbled with no emotion visible in my words.


So what do you guys think?

Will Venus actually go through with the divorce?

What will be Antonio's reaction be?

Let me know your thoughts?

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