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   Chapter 18 He Can't Have You

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Updated: 2018-06-12 19:00

Venus's POV

I couldn't help but turn my head towards the direction of the sound and I wish I didn't because what stood before me was the shook of my life.

Only one thought processed through my mind as I was staring at Luca.

How did I let things get this far, so quick?

"Father, you wouldn't allow this, would you?" Antonio yelled, pulling me from my train of thoughts.

Oh, now he cared but when I was suffering for the past few months I was the last thought on his mind.

"If needed then yes Luca, will marry Venus, "He stated, ever so blandly.

Luca gave a satisfied smirk while Antonio glared at him.

I couldn't bear to hear anymore so I got up heading to the door but before I could even get to it everything around me went black.




I awoke from the sound of bickering. This was the best sleep I have gotten for months so naturally I so badly wanted to punch the people who disturbed my heavenly sleep.

I opened my eyes to find Antonio and Luca standing there hovering over my head.

God how much I hate people hovering over my head.

How do I warn them without wanting to kick them both out the room or

I didn't waste any time and quickly exited the room but before I could make it far someone garbed my elbow.

I turned to see Antonio looking at me.

"If you think you're marrying him you've got another thing coming for you because as long as I am breathing I will never ever let you marry Luca.He can't have you." He shouted, making me cock my eyebrow.

Oh this shall be intersting.


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