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   Chapter 17 No Take Backs

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Updated: 2018-06-12 18:59

Venus's POV

Ever since we have been in the mall I'm pretty sure we entered every single store there is to be.

"What are you doing Gina?"I asked as she dragged me into a baby clothing store.

"I'm buying something for my niece or nephew.Come on don't be a party pooper." I inhaled a sharp breath.

She was clearly trying to push the last pinch of sanity I was holding.

"I want to go home, please." I gestured for the exit but she shook her head.

"Come on it will be very fun shopping for your baby." I had to admit the idea did sound intriguing but I was tired and I still have not figured out the gender of the baby yet.

My phone ringing interrupted my train of thought.

Without even checking the caller ID I answered the call murmuring a weak hello.

"Hey, sis Max Antonios Dad says he wants to see you immediately."

I wanted to ask what could Max possibly want with me but I was too weak to get into an argument.

"Ok, I'll there shortly, "I close the phone and narrow my eyes to meet Gina's. I could see sadness wash over her olive green eyes.

I walk up to her and place my hands on her shoulders. " I promise when we find out the gender we can go shopping and you can pick out any outfits that suit your boot, "The sadness in her eyes washes away as and the normal gleam is replaced.

" Could I also help you decorate the room, " She beams jumping like a five-year-old who might have had way too many bowls of ice cream.

"Yeah, that's if he or she has a room. The mansion belongs to Chris now, "I murmur in a sadistic tone.

Gina's eyes widen as she speaks and this only happens when she gets an idea." You know I'm bound to move out of my parents home

it. You two will have to settle your differences until this child is born. No grandchild of mine will be claimed as a bastard because its father is too irresponsible." Max was yelling at this point and his breath was becoming very heavy.

So it was really hard for me to step up and say what I had to say. He was a really intimidating man but I could not allow Antonio to waltz back into my life when he pleased especially without an apology.

I stood up, " Not a chance. I'm not going back on the divorce. My child deserves a father to care for them not a father who makes them feel like a mistake and I guarantee that you forcing Antonio back into this marriage will make my child suffer."

Max turned his attention to me with widened eyes." But your child will be claimed as a bastard."

" I will marry Venus."


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