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   Chapter 16 Making The Best Of Things

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Updated: 2018-06-12 18:59

Venus's POV

"Venus wake up, come on get your lazy ass up!"Gina yelled, tugging at my covers as I groaned loudly and turned my head to the other direction.

"Leave me alone I want to sleep, "I replied, trying to keep my eyes closed.

"Yeah that's what you have been saying for the past couple of weeks and I still don't see any progress."I could hear her footsteps getting closer and suddenly without much alarm, she opened my curtains making it ten times harder to keep my eyes shut since after all the sun was shining on my eyelids."Come on, your acting as if the whole world revolves around that asshole."

My eyes widened, "Just because I want a peaceful sleep it does not indicate that my whole world revolves around he who shall not be named. I'm pregnant sleep is a natural thing."I replied, getting up from my bed.

"Yeah so is fresh air!"She replied, in a perky manner and I couldn't help but glare."Come on I will allow you to pick and choose what you want to do."

A smile formed on my face as I said, "I want a hamburger with fries and ice cream.Oh and your paying."

"We're going to the mall because they make t

ou don't want to work simply theres no sex."I couldn't help but snort.

Was that really the best she could come up with.

"Whatever Annabelle it's not like your the only one thats offering." I retorted, with a smirk on my face.

"Are you cheating on me?"She asked, and the waterworks began as always.

"No, of course not but I know you are.So a little advice for you let me be."I raged, shooting her a glare.


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