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   Chapter 15 Unconfessed Love

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Antonio's POV

"May I ask what the hell do you want from me?"She chuckled, placing a kiss on my cheek.

Stepping a bit closer to me she placed her lips near my ear before whispering, "Oh trust me, darling everything will pan out when its time."I was quick to shot her one of my glares.

"Naomi I don't have time for your nonsense so if you could let yourself out that would be fantastic."I forced a smile before placing my phone into my suit jacket.

"Awww baby but the fun has just begun."She chuckled, removing her hand from my cheek and then taking a seat on one of my office chairs.

A scowl crossed my face."Noami, I don't have time to play games so say what you want to say and go."

A smirk appeared on her face as she shook her head stepping closer and closer until her lips rested against my ear."Don't you miss me, baby."

I chuckled, "Have all the rest of men in the world rejected you and is that is why you're here?"She backed away and this time there was a frown on her face."Whatever we had is

talking about. You used and trapped me all at once and like the idiot I was. I allowed you to."He yelled, with venom lacing his words."I don't want to see you and I don't want anything to do with that thing inside of you."I was on the verge of tears but didn't want to show him that."I want all your things gone when I return home."

I turned away and quickly ran towards the nearest exit as my breath quickened. 4


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