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   Chapter 12 Dangerous Revelations

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Luca"s POV

Venus entered the room and like every time she took my breathe away.She looked stunning and her face was radiating.

Seeing her happy made me happy for some reason.

Someone nudged my elbow which caused me to head out of my trance and once I saw it was Naomi the smile faded.

"Hey handsome."I rolled my eyes and began to walk away but she placed her hands around my neck and began kissing against my jaw line."Don"t you want one more night with this."Her breast were compressed against my chest as she began to slide her hand down my chest but before she reached my member.

"How many times do I have to say it Naomi.We.Are.Over."I emphasized the over part in hope she would understand.

"Fine Luca its your loss."She replied walking towards the elevator and soon Annabelle followed behind her.

This made me curious so I waited to see what floor they stoped at.

Once I realized it was the only floor build for the conference room.I took the other elevator.

I finally got to the room but headed for the second one where the security system was so I could get a better understanding of what they were saying.

"That old bozo gave Venus the position that belonged to Christopher.She doesn"t deserve that position.If anything it should be mine if anything happens to Chris."Annabelle snarled, making me laugh, internally.

She thinks if something would have happened the Christopher she would

n for Venus to choose Antonio over you and if you speak of this to anyone that would lead her straight into his arms."She whispered into my ear, and I could feel the smirk in her voice.

Venus"s POV

I skimmed the room slowly for Gina and finally found her gazing at Christopher.I watched her for a bit thinking maybe it would be coincidental but her eyes stayed fixed on him the whole time and when Annabelle finally came I could see her figure tense.

I walked up to her, and looked directly at Chris.

"Since when?"I mumbled and she gave me a fake perplexed look but I knew her well enough to know she was lying.


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