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   Chapter 11 A Plan For Success

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Venus"s POV

I woke up to a strange beeping sound and my head was pounding for some odd reason.

"Oh thank God your awake."Mr.Right trailed off for a bit."Your father was coming this close to suing the whole hospital."He looked stressed out but I couldn"t help but chuckle.

He snorted, "You think this is funny.You have been down for approximately two hours and he nearly lost every ounce of sanity he has."

"Well I"m fine now.As you can see."I motioned my hands up and down and pulled the IV off my finger so I could get up.

He got up and began to practically push me back into bed, "Oh no you don"t!Your not going anywhere until the doctor tells me personally your fine."I huffed a deep breathe and laid the blanket back on top of my legs.

The door swung open to reveal a not so joyful doctor.

"Hi I"m Dr.Edwards."She introduced her self and then examined the clipboard."Mrs. Angelopolis we drew blood from you and did numerous test results which revealed to us your nearly four weeks pregnant and that was the reason why you fainted."She said, ever so pleasantly as I shook my head multiple times still trying to completely process what she was saying.

I did not doubt, not even for a second that I was feeling a huge mixture of emotions.

Shock because this was the last thing I expected.I was planning on having

his time, right?"I asked, and she shook her head.

"You"d think I"d leave you in the hands of Dumb and Dumber."We both laughed as she continued rummaging through my closet

I quickly showered, threw on the dress, applied light makeup and put on the nude stilettos.When I exited she was wearing a strapless, royal blue mermaid dress that revealed her back.

Her strawberry blonde hair was in cascading layers to side and the cherry red lip gloss toped it off.

"You look hot."We both said in unison and then chuckled right after.

She handed me a nude clutch as we exited the house.

"Lets go crash a party."She chuckled and I laughed along.





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