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   Chapter 10 The News

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Venus"s POV

Making direct eye contact with Luca caused my cheeks to heat up immensely and all that I could do was stare directly at the ground right before I witnessed the two glaring at each other.

"What are you doing here, Luca?"Antonio snarled, and Luca continued to give him a piercing glare.

Personally I didn"t know how to feel about him showing up.

I knew it had to be something important but I just wish he didn"t see us in the position we were in.

"I"m here for Venus not that its any of your concern."He hissed, and I could tell Antonio wanted to punch him based on his balled up fist.

"Yes it is my concern because I"m her husband....."He trailed off for a little before he looked Luca directly in the eye."Besides they could have sent somebody else."He gave him a mock smile and Luca was getting more and more frustrated by the minute.

He stared directly into my eyes, ignoring Antonio"s rage and his figure softened, "My parents claim it was to dangerous to send anyone else."I shook my head in understanding."Your father Alastair is suffering from brain cancer.He only has a couple months to live and he wants your family lawyer to discuss the will while he"s alive.He claims its important for you to be there."

Hearing all that at once made my head spin and without noticing I slightly lost balance which Luca helped me regain quite quickly.

"Are you ok, bellissima (beautiful)?" Luca asked, holding me up, while remaining eye contact with me.

"Yeah."I replied, pulling from his grip gently."Where is he?"

He averted his gaze, "In the hospital."He murmured.

I wanted to cry so badly but I was forcing myself to be strong because my father would want it that way.I knew he would.


r with a leader of your kind Christopher."Chris looked genuinely hurt and his gaze was overpowered with rage.

"Dad maybe he"s right ummm I don"t think I can do this myself."I stuttered and my Dad shook his head.

"Nonsense, I I still have a couple more months to live within them you shall be ready and I know when it comes time you will not act on your heart but act on what is truly right.I"ve seen that in you Venus multiple times and when you married Antonio for your brothers sake and for our tribe"s sake you proved to me you can be a leader."

"This is clearly a bunch of bull shit."Chris yelled, storming out of the room.

"Mrs.Angelopolis we need you to sign here."Our family lawyer Mr.Right said, handing me the pen and I took it, placing my signature on the last line.

After I that my head began to hurt badly and suddenly I was so light headed I lost complete control of my balance.



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