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   Chapter 9 Uncontroled Feelings

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Venus"s POV

Once we reached the Aqua hotel nearly six hours later we changed into more comfortable clothes and headed towards the beach for a swim.

"Come on Venus, you can"t possibly be afraid of the water could you?"He chuckled half-heartedly and if it weren"t for his beautifully sculpted face I would have slapped him right across it.

I created a fake smile and he smirked as if he knew what I was going to say, "Your an ass hole, you know good and well I can"t swim." I exclaimed, he just gave me a devilish grin and came closer.

He extended his hands towards me, "Come here, I promise I won"t let you drown."I shook my head squinted my eyes shut and stepped forward cautiously. Once his hand was in mine I felt a jolt of electric shock run through my body and my heart rate increased.

Something about him was mesmerizing but I tried not to think too hard because I knew I couldn"t get attached.

"Open your eyes, Venus, you are not drowning yet."My eyes shot open and he broke into a hurricane of laughter.

Alright, Antonio two can play this came.

I pretended to be upset and began to walk out of the water.I heard him groan loudly and then grasped my elbow pulling me in his direction.

For some reason I couldn"t hold the facade for any longer so a mischievous smile was replaced, once he saw this he began to chase me along the shore.

After approximately five minutes I ran out of breath and that instant he grabbed me from behind.

Antonio"s POV

There was something about her that made me want to be a better person.She ignited feelings in me but then

"I"m in the mood for Italian."She said with a casual tone but a smirk appeared on my face.

I couldn"t help but turn it into a dirty manner.

"Is the Italian tall, dark, handsome and with impeccable good looks."She busted into laughter and I of course furrowed my eyes brows in confusion.

"A little over confident are we, I mean there are better looking Italians than you."She admits rather so boldly and I no doubt wanted to take her in the middle of the hotel hallway.

She stepped back when she recognized the look on my face and I stepped closer we continued a steady rhythm until her back hit the wall and my breathe was fanning against her neck as I gazed at her breathe taking appearance.

"Hello brother."


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