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   Chapter 8 A Different Side Of Him

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Venus"s POV

Squinting my eyes shut so I wouldn"t see his handsome face I pushed him back with all my force, "Just stay away Antonio.Stay far away from me."I looked away and released a breathe I didn"t even realize I was holding."I"m going out with him and there"s nothing you can do about it." He chuckled sarcastically.

"Oh really. Is that what you think?"He placed a hand on his hip and the frown turned into a smirk.He grabbed a key from the drawer and locked the door shut.Then he threw. the key out of the window."Now try going somewhere."

I was more than close to punching him he was pushing the last nerve in my body.

"You jack ass. Why are you acting like a jealous husband?"I demanded an answer but the glare he had now was more intense.

He scrunched his nose in disgust, "I"m not jealous. You don"t know the bastard like I do."This made me cackle intensely because not even Luca himself would believe him.

"Just because he did something to hurt your feelings doesn"t mean you can treat him like shit.He"s still older then you and no matter what you should respect him."He grimaced looking away.

"Its bad enough that because of him I"m stuck with you."He snapped making my heart hurt but I wasn"t going to allow him to effect me so I threw him a death glare.

"At least he"s much kinder then the jack ass you are."His frown was now a smirk.

"Yeah but who did you sleep with?"He asked, pushing me against the wall and caging me in between his hands.Avoiding him was impossible because in one night he knew all the secrets to my body that made me weak to my knees and only him had such great effect on me.He placed a kiss on my neck and began trailing kisses down my body and when got the towel wrapped around my body one touch made it fall to the ground."Might I add you have the body of goddesses that can make any man weak to his knees."He pressed his lips on the sensitive part of my breast causing me to moan his name."I love

er then me ready to give him a kiss on the cheek but he quickly turned his head and my lips met his in a deep, skin tingling kiss.When he pulled away I blushed like a tomato as he traced his thumb around his lips with a smirk the size of Jupiter.

The car ride had this awkward tension but when we got on his private plane he kept turning my direction to examine me. I really did not want him to realize I was nervous since this was my first time actually riding a plane because I knew he was going to use that story to mess with me every time he needed to laugh.

"Have you not rode a plane before?"He asked, gazing at me intensely and I hesitated a little and then shook my head."Its alright I"m with you."He assured and I nodded once again as we sat in our seats.I was quick to squint my eyes shut but open them when I heard the flight attendant practically throwing herself at Antonio.If I wasn"t so nervous I would have personally clawed out those emerald green eyes.

"Here"s my number Mr. DeVaio."She chuckled flirtasiqouly and I began counting backwards.


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