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   Chapter 6 After Drunken Kissing There's No Going Back

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Venus POV

Within minutes we were trapped in a room full of rich people with there noses up their assess sure I come from the wealthy but I hated the way people of the high class treated the less fortunate and nine times out of ten the only reason they have a fortune was because there sneaky and manipulative ways.

The room was decorated very elegantly with roses every six yards of the big room paintings were hung every where as well and waiters scurried serving drinks and samples to everyone.The formal dinner happened two times a year as a charity one for cancer and one for orphanages.

Though the idea of charity warmed my heart people every inch of the room were only here to show off how much money they had.

I walked over to Annabelle and her mother aka my mother in law but Annabelle gave me a smug look causing me to stare at her blankly. What the hell was her problem she should be thanking me for her beating heart but no she had to come out with an insult like always." That dress looks hideous on you green is so not your color you should go with black it hides the hidden fat." If it wasn"t for her mother standing inches away I would have yanked out the extensions she planted on her head so I smiled acting as polite as possible.

"Don"t listen to her darling you look stunning the dress makes you look fantastic." Ava replies, causing a stupid grin to form on my face

An unfamiliar husky voice places a hand on my shoulder, "I agree mother the dress makes her look fascinating an angel from above I might say. The names Luca ."Placing a kiss on my hand causing me to blush like a tomato."Would you care to dance." I simply nodded and could barley form a sentence.

Annabelle smacked her lips loudly clearly disapproving and Ava of course had her mouth wide open from shock.

After swaying our hips to the music Antonio walked up to us with anger in his body language.

"Care if I dance with my w

rk hair was.

Antonio glared in Luca"s direction as he said, "Go brother I wanted to dance with the pretty lady anyway."Grabbing my hand and leading me to the dance floor, I saw Antonio grabbing a glass of Whisky.

After a couple of dances I too was keeping track of Antonio"s drinking.Once he got to the sixth glass I excused my self to stop him.

"That was your sixth glass I was counting, are you trying to get drunk?"He chuckled and I could see a sparkle in his dark brown eyes.

"You forgot the swearing."He beamed, handing me another glass and after two more you can say we were drunk well I more than him but in the end drunk."Do you want to get out of here?"This time he was inches away from me and I could feel his breathe fanning on my neck causing my stomach to erupt with butterflies.I shook my head and he did not hesitate to grab my hand leading me to his car.

Sooner then later his lips were against mine causing my skin to prickle intensely and right when he began to undress me I knew there was no going back.


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