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   Chapter 5 Toned Abs A Formal Gown

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Antonio"s POV

"Whatever...wait, six months!"She exclaimed, her jaw dropping and I looked at her in confusion.

"What is that to little?"I questioned with annoyance written on my face and she chucked in a sarcastic tone.

"Dude thats to much I can not spend six whole months with an imbecile like yourself."She explained cocking her brow and I chuckled.

"My kind of lady."I smiled getting up from the sofa."Im sure you will mange."I replied, chuckling and she rolled her eyes.

" Oh and were not ever going to have sex ever."She snorted and I nodded smirking as she stomped up stairs and then slammed her room door behind her.

Oh well see.

After I checked all the locks and set the alarm system I walked up stairs to my room, did my nightly routine then finally laying my head on my tempur pedic pillow.

With my last thoughts being how these six months are going to be a pain in my ass.


Venus POV

I awoke to sun shining brightly against my closed eyes, I forced them open glancing at the blue digital clock on my night stand.


It was earlier than I usually wake up but I was meeting Gina soon so I did not mind.I used all my force to get away from the comfortable textured pillow but it was like the devil dragging me down, yet I still found a way to get up and the first move I made was to blasting my music through the surround sound, I walked to my closet and that same minute my door slammed open.

I walked out slightly and the sight before me made my head ache from its gorgeousness, my goodness was it beautiful.

"Are you fuckin insane I am trying to sleep."Antonio snarled yelling through the pounding music and all I could focus on was how toned and buff his abs were.

His eyes narrowed at my appearance, and my cheeks heated up as I quickly remembered, oh my goodness I was in booty shorts and a silky tank that revealed part of my breast and he was shirtless.

"Get out." I yelled stuttering, walking in to the closet so he didn"t notice my heated cheeks.

He chuckled and I buried my face into my hands from embarrassment.

"Ok Turn off the music!"He exclaimed and I grabbed the nearest robe, wrapped it tight while walking with my head facing the caramel colored carpets.

Without even realizing he moved, my petite figure bumped into his 6"3 structure, and his stone rock abs caused me to stumble towards the ground.

Luckily he helped me before I fell face flat but I was determined to keep my eyes away from his heavenly body so I forced my eyes shut.

"I will turn off the music can you just please."I asked, allowing my right eye to look through the small whole of my hand and I could see a smirk stitched to his perfectly sculptured tan face.

I wish the carpet can create a big tunnel and swallow me in it because the amount of embarrassment i"m feeling has not yet been created.

He chuckled"Ok...if you would like you can go shopping for tonights formal dinner oh and go

light on the makeup you look better without it."He smiled and I blushed as he walked out.

I can"t believe that cold hearted idiot likes something and it just so happens to be my a face, my face.

No no no no come on now Venus you can"t be attracted to a womanizer.

I took a deep breathe trying to calm myself as I walked to my closet to pick out an outfit.


"Girl he"s so fine what the fuck is wrong with you?"Gina yelled loud enough practically loud enough for the whole mall to here us.

"His arrogance is a turn off." I stated, paying my hair dresser and makeup artist Nina the amount requested. "And plus he"s to big of a package, Im trying to focus on college right now."

"If you keep thinking like that he"s going to leave you faster than you can say professional success."She mocked as I rolled my eyes at her ignorance."He likes you."

I snorted, "No he doesn"t, he"s to narcissistic to like anyone."I added getting into her car.

"If you say so."

"What do you expect, after a couple of dates, that self coincided jerk is going to claim his unconditional love for me?"I mocked and the thought brought shivers to my body.

I couldn"t imagine myself falling for him.

"Watch I"m going to say I told you so and if he"s hot your beauty can make men swoon over you."She chuckled putting her shades on."I"m sure when he sees you in that dress he"s going to intensely melt."I rolled my eyes at her remark.

Once I finally got home I quickly took a shower, got dressed into the green two pieced dress styled my hair into an elegant tendril bun and wore my silver pumps.

I walked out to find Antonio straightening his collar in the full length mirror located in the living room.

I cleared my throat and finally spoke, "Um I"m ready."

He turns around and his eyes narrow up and down before he finally says, " In the wedding dress you looked chest less, butt less, curve less and the makeup made you look horrid but now this dress and without make up you look stunning."He smirked causing his brown eyes to sparkle.

"You are the worst at giving compliments." I cackled, smacking his arm.

"Pshhht what ever but may I ask why?"

"Um Antonio your uh.....sister was my makeup artist as for the dress your Mom picked it out she claims its not lady like to show cleavage."I snorted, rolling my eyes at the memory.

"Ok its settled then there next time call me I will make up some bull about attracting to much attention then you already do."We both chuckled leaving the house."Oh if they ask we did it on the first night and it was mind blowing because you know sex with me is that way and we don"t want any kids for now because it ruins that honeymoon shit."


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