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   Chapter 4 The No Makeup Discussion

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Antonio"s POV

Realization dawned upon me I was saying I do to a marriage I wanted nothing to do with.

I thought about this carefully and understood one thing, one women, equals planned sex I can"t do that I can not commit to a relationship with low percentage of sex it just wasn"t me and honestly never will be me.

I had to admit she was ok but she barely had an ass or breasts, I figured I would have one or the other to satisfy my needs but she lacked everything, from looks to curves.This frustrated me deeply and all I knew for sure was this marriage was not going to last longer than six months, not less, not more but six even.

After that I will say we simply did not get along and we will go our separate ways.Its the best for both of us, we both will live happily without this marriage without anything to tie us down.

I was sitting at the sidelines of the reception waiting for Venus to come so I can go home and rest this crazy day off and soon enough she came walking through the large pearl engraved doors with little to no emotion whats so ever.

"Are you ready to go."I asked, when she finally reached me and she nodded in approval as we walked towards the back door so no one would really notice us leaving.

We walked out to the car with success but the whole car ride was so silent, the warm winds of Seattle were heard and soon enough I walked into my mansion as Venus followed behind me upstairs.

"You will be sleeping in this room."I ushered, pointing at the room about six blocks from mine."All your things were organized in your drawers so get changed because we need to talk." I explained as she nodded with no emotion.The most I heard from her was when we said our I do"s, and I was guessing that did not mean a good thing, since I know women and lived with them.

After I changed into a white t and shorts I walked down to the kitchen to grab me a glass of water and there was an unfamiliar women sitting on the bar stool of the granite counter devouring an apple, a very attractive women may I add.

She had shorts revealing her smooth curves with a round but not to big of an ass, a tank that revealed her cleavage, her blonde hair was running freely down her firm shoulders and no makeup which made her face light skin flawless.

Her body was so sexy it made my groin stir uncontrollably and I was trying to hide that.

"Who are you?"I asked and the women"s head cocked in my direction blankly as she continued to devour the apple.

"Its me Venus you moro

n."She replied pursing her lips in annoyance as she rolled her eyes mine widened and my jaw dropped from shock as I observed her.

She was not wearing a ring so me integrating her was normal in my defense.

"Come on tell me who you are really?"I chuckled in disbelief motioning my hand towards my chest and she sighed.

"Its really me you dumb ass?"She retorted, with her voice rising just a little as she pulled at her locks slightly in annoyance which only made my muscles tense.

"Its not possible I just left her upstairs ten minutes, no women can change that quick."I added, folding my arms, slightly smirking as she grabbed my hand and dragged me upstairs to the room.

"You see theres no one there."She hissed, folding her arms and rolling her eyes.

"So the room being empty doesn"t indicate your Venus."I said, giving her a firm look while looking at her from head to toe."Prove to me your Venus."I continued giving her smug look and she sighed.

"Your such a douche but ok Mr.Im to full of myself you remember whispering in my ear that one line at the wedding reception."She brushed her hair from covering her eyes as I took a moment to remember and than I nodded.

"Ok what is it."I challenged almost butting heads with her, from annoyance.

"Quote. on. Quote. Don"t worry this marriage is only on paper."She boomed walking down stairs as I laughed in shock at how different she was and then followed her into the living room.

"What are we doing here."I asked as she sat on the sofa right across from me.

"Are you kidding what do you have amnesia? You told me we needed to talk."She explained with such displeasure, carrying her head in her hands.

Damn her breathe taking sight made me forget completely what my plan is.

"Ohhhhh yeah I remember now."I admitted yawning and than I glancing at the time.

:25 am

I had a meeting tomorrow so I had to make this quick.

"Our marriage is not going to last longer than six months, no more no less.We both can have relationships outside of this marriage but we have to be careful, we can not be caught by the media or our parents, and lets say we do have sex at one point theres no attachment, no love and especially no children. I am a one man walking show not fit to be a father or in a relationship. Understood."I raved quickly, but professionally as she laid back onto the sofa glaring at me.


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