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   Chapter 3 The Wedding

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Antonio's POV

The large room filled with hundreds of people was as bright as an iPhone screen shining on squinting eyes during the cold and hard night, it was as rowdy as lighting traveling faster than a finite speed of 186, 000 per minute.

The room that would soon join two in holy matrimony was decorated with orchards around every last chair in each row and the aisle full of people was large enough to fit half of a country.

We all were all seated in the engraved pine wood chairs in the front row waiting impatiently with high hopes for Luca to walk through the door but nothing, not a zilch.Looking for Luca around the room with the side of my eyes so no one would notice but to my disappointment, there was no sign of his presence anywhere.

It felt like every minute there would be someone to come up to me, or my father asking when would the wedding begin and we would begin to create some excuse for the cowardliness of my brother.

Alastair was seated on the same row but on the left side he looked around the room and adjusted his glare directly at me, then at my father, I could see the panic in my father's eyes right when the two locked cold glares.

My dad got out of his seat ushering for me to come with him and I did as told, trailing behind him from the right door so not much commotion would be created, we walked from out the sunny room and into a less dim location.

My dad took a deep sigh in frustration, raking a hand through his dark brown hair with little stands of grey, placing both his hands on each of my shoulders, sympathetically."Antonio....."He began but his voice trailed off practically forcing a gulp down his body." son you have to marry the girl your sister she will...."He explained moving his right hand from my shoulder and placing a hand on his heart.

I moved my gaze from my dad and onto the floor taking a deep sigh. I was only twenty eight, I had not lived to see what I wanted or who I wanted in bed with me.

I didn't even know what to do in this situation part of me wanted to run just like Luca but I knew it would cost me two l

ives in exchange for my freedom and part of me wanted to do it for the sake of my parents and little sister unlike Luca I had a guilty conscious that would haunt me for the rest my life and I did not have a younger brother who would clean up my mess.

"Ok."I gave in defeat and my fathers eye's light up from happiness pulling me into a hug as I smiled. Who would have thought me of all people would be marrying a women blindly not even knowing what the fuck her body looked like or how her face looked.

Oh boy if she looked hideous I would not be able to bare looking at her, I shook my head from that thought all I was focused on was saving my little sister so I put on my big boy slacks and walked down the aisle with my head held high as the gasps grew louder the closer I got to the pope.


Venus's POV

I was sitting on a comfy bed in a very large yet dim room with a door way mirror on the side, I was waiting for them to tell me they were ready to begin as my thoughts took me in.

I couldn't believe I was got talked into marrying a man I had no clue of his appearance better yet his habits.This caused me to think of the worst as I gazed closely at the detail in the skin tight barely breathable dress that I was forced into but I had to do it for the sake of my brothers life.It was the only solution we had.

I can not be selfish in this type of state and if it meant marrying a man I barely knew for my brother's life so be it. His happiness is more important then mine.

I was taken from my thoughts upon hearing a knock on the door.

"Ven hun were ready for you."Gina sighed coming in and closing the door.She was my best friend who kept me sane through out everything especially when my mother passed away.She came and laid next to me placing her hand on mine."You know its your call I can get you out of here if you'd like, all it takes is one word from you."She chuckled looking at how saddened I was.

"Yeah." I began with a sudden realization.


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