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   Chapter 5 F I V E Jealousy

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Marcus's POV

She took me by surprise. It was the last thing I expected her to ask at the moment.

I just stood there staring at her because though I didn't want to admit it but it kind of hurt that she wanted to get rid of me.

I didn't know why things were different this time because usually I was happy when a women suggested that we should end things before I had to literally claw her off of me.

"Marcus," She murmured avoiding my gaze.

I sighed."Don't worry you won't be stuck with me for longer then four months," I whispered dangerously low and tthen walked off to my room, slamming the door right behind me.

I don't know why I am so effected by what she does.

It aggravates me to a point of no return.

"Marcus," Germany yelled while knocking on my door." I didn't mean it like that."

I rolled my eyes."Oh, don't give me that BS Germany I know you can't wait to get rid of me." I swung the door open to come face to face with a smiling Germany."Oh, so you think this is funny?"

"No," she replied trying to hide her laughter as I gave her a dirty look."Come on you know you can't stay mad at me for long."She smiled as she wrapped her arms around my torso.

She was right I couldn't. I never was or will be mad at her. She was my only exception to everything.

I placed my head over hers and took her into my embrace as my heart began to beat a million miles a minute.

I wish we could stay like this forever.

She stepped back a smile still plastered on her face."Good night, Marcus," She mumbled as her sea green eyes sparkled brightly.




I awoke from the sun shining brightly on my eyelids.

I felt very refreshed because this was the best sleep I have had in probably months, years even.

My eyes searched the room until they landed on the clock which read Sunday 10:30am. This surprised me because I never slept passed 7:00 am even on weekends.

I quickly rushed to the bathroom to do my morning routine and then headed for the kitchen to make my coffee and breakfast.

Right when I placed a piece of scrambled eggs in my mouth Germany came out in a sports bra and tight yoga pants that hugged her curves and showed off her ass and don't get me started on how big or full her breast were.

Oh my God I had to be dreaming.

Germany never wore anything that showed off her body in the five years I have know her.

I got so consumed in my thoughts that I didn't notice I was practically choking on the piece of scrambled eggs in mouth until Germany tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey, are you okay?" I nodded looking at her from head to toe and suddenly a thought crossed my mind as my jaw clenched.

"Did uh did you uh go to the gym downstairs or did you use my gym?"

Oh God please say my gym because if not I will have to go claw out every mans eyes in that gym.

"I used your gym," She replied and I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders but I still had to take a cold shower.




Germany's POV

A few minutes after Marcus walked out I went to go sit in the living room so I could cool down from my workout.

I grabbed the remote and began cruising channel after channel but I never got a chance to even look for something to watch because Marcus walked out in only a towel wrapped around his torso.

I couldn't help but let my eyes trail down to his chest. I visibly gulped, he had a whole fucking eight pack.

If I looked any longer I was going to turn the color of a tomato."Marc

us go put some clothes on," I yelled placing my hands over my eyes.

He chuckled." Sorry my sweats are still in the dryer."

I quickly got up and ran upstairs to my room so I could take a shower.




After taking a quick shower I quickly dressed into my black shorts and a blue tank top then headed down stairs and into the living room.

I was so happy today was my off day.

I just hope Marcus doesn't stay home so the only jaw dropping body I'm gawking at is Damon Salvatore's.

His body is carved from stone, better then any I have seen and I have worked with many sexy actors but none of them have come close to Marcus body or his dashing good looks or his beautiful smile or that mischievous glint in his gorgeous grey eyes or his sense of hum-

Oh my God. What am I doing?

I need to stop before I become attracted to him or even worse love him.

Your way past attracted.

No no I can't be! When did this happen? How could I be so stupid.

"Germany do you want to watch the new Avengers with me," Marcus asked, looking down at the movies case with a smile on his face.

He then looked up at me and a look of concern flashed his eyes."Are you ok-" His eyes traveled up and down my body before he cursed under his breath.

"What's wrong?" I asked, looking at him in confusion.

"Nothing it's just I need another cold shower," He replied while disappointed laced his words.

"Why do you need to shower again?"I asked, trying not to sound at all concerned but low key failing miserably.

He groaned."Umm... you don't want to know."

I decided not to question it.

"Okay take your I wanted to watch an episode of TVD," I said too quickly which made him turn to look at me, his face completely blank.

He huffed a deep breathe as he rolled his eyes."You mean you want to watch Damon Salvatore."

"Yeah," I nodded chuckling."He's so sexy and funny and-"

Marcus frowned."Okay okay I get it gosh."

"Don't you have to take a shower?"I asked as I scrolled through Netflix.

He chuckled sarcastically."Not anymore," he replied taking a seat next to me.

I shrugged my shoulders."Well than your about to see first hand what I love about my husband," I said playing the episode.

He cracked his knuckles as he said," I'm your husband not some make believe mombo jumbo called Damn Salvatore."

I sighed."You act like you haven't heard of my list of husbands."I cocked my head in Marcus's direction to find an annoyed expression forming on his face with his arms folded over his chest."Come on Marcus it's just a list of the men I find attractive."I could see his fists ball up as he tried to control his breathing. He was still ignoring me so I scooted towards him and slightly tapped him. Of course this was a stupid mistake because my heart rate accelerated."Marcus your acting like a jealous husband," I whined trying to pull his chin in my direction. I succeeded because his beautiful grey orbs soon made contact with my green ones but what I didn't expect was for him to lean in and brush his lips against mine.


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