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   Chapter 4 F O U R New Feelings

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Marcus's POV

Just when I thought my nerves had settled after Germany and I had said our I do's they began again but twice as effective as before. We were walking to the center of the dance floor hand in, hand.

"God all this attention is giving me anxiety, " Germany mumbled as we danced to the rhythm of the music.

"Well can you blame them, you look absolutely stunning, "I replied with a smirk makes it's way across my face.

She chuckled as her beautiful sea green eyes locked with my grey ones, " No, I believe almost all the prying eyes are from the women wanting to skin me alive because they think you're no longer available to them."

"Give your self-credit An a bunch of the men here are undressing you with their eyes."This time I received a glare.

"Yeah that's because I look like a walking, talking Barbie doll if you haven't noticed, " She says, ushering to her makeup and then to her dress.

I can't help but laugh." A Barbie doll has no nothing on you, sweetheart." She suddenly averted eye contact as her cheeks turned a cute scarlet color and she bit her lip unconsciously causing the Ungodly thoughts to return once again.

Damn, what was wrong with me?

She's my best friend for God's sake.

Why are these feelings suddenly arising?

Maybe it's the fact I haven't gotten laid in two months or maybe it's the fact your starting to develop feelings for Germany, a deeper part of me thought?

No, I can't develop feelings it will complicate things and how do I know she will even want me? I am a mess. She has her life all planned out I can't come and intrude.

"What are you thinking about?"Germany said as a smile made its way on her lips.

Gosh, she looks so cute.

"Oh, nothing I was just thinking how cute you looked when you blush." She rolled her eyes at this.

"If you think looking like a tomato is cute than buddy you have a major problem."She chuckled making me smile.

"You do not look like a tomato it's more like a two-year-old has done your makeup but no you do not look like a tomato, "I replied in a playful tone.

Germany slaps me on the shoulder."You ass, it doesn't look that bad, " She says, as one of her hands make their way to her cheek.

"Excuse me Marcus but I would like to dance with my sister if you don't mind of course?"Julian asked, looking at me and then at this sister.

I nodded."Not at all." I stepped away and he took Germany into his arms. I didn't mean to ease drop but I heard him say something along the lines of Germany falling in love with me.

I probably misheard what he was saying.

She would never fall for me.

I grabbed a glass of scotch from the waiter passing by and quickly chucked it down.




"Germany are you ready to go?" I asked turning to look at her and for some dumb reason, a smile was plastered on my face.

Goodness, I was acting like a teenage boy who just had his first kiss.

She nodded.

"Yeah but let's go say goodbye to your family first, " She said, leading the way to there table.

The minute they spotted us, my grandma, my Mom, Aunt Amira, my sister Paisely and my cousin Jessica all stood up smiling like a Chasire cat.

Germany hugged and kissed all of them and then stood right next to me.

She gently slapped my torso and I took this as my queue to speak.

I cleared my throat deciding to speak up."Um, we're leaving now so uh see you guys sometime soon I guess, " I quickly rambled nervously and then I was about to leave but was stopped by a slap to my torso from Germany. I turned to find her glaring at me.

I shook my head mouthing a what and she pointed to my family.

"What do you want me to do, hug and kiss them goodbye, "I whispered.

Her hand went to her mouth as she made an exaggerated gasp."Oh my God I don't think it's been done in history."

I glared at her."Do I have to?" I pouted.


"Fine, "I mumbled and then hugged and kissed all of my family members except Jessica.

I turned to look at Germany."Even Jessica, "I grimaced.

"Yes, Marcus."

I quickly hugged and kissed Jessica.

"I never thought I'd see this day being the age that you are, "My Grandma cried.

"Grandma you act as if I'm old, " I replied, feeling somewhat hurt.

She cocked her eyebrow."Thats because you are."

I gasped."No, I am not!"

"You are 31, that is very old to be unmarried. My friend's grandchildren we're all married year's ago but I will forgive you on one condition only and that's if you have children." My eyes widened with shock.

This woman was crazy.

"I don't want kids and despite that, I am way to young to have children, "I replied sternly.

This time I received a punch in the gut by Germany.

"What he means is that its way to early in our marriage to the have kids but maybe sometime in the future it might happen."My Grandma nodded and I sighed in relief.

"Goodbye."I quickly took Germany's hand in mine and walked out the building and then into my car.

In fifteen minutes flat we made it to my condo. I got out of the car and then opened the door for Germany.

She entered the building first as I trailed off right behind her.

When we made it inside I handed her a key."Your room is the room next to mine. All your stuff is already unpacked and if you need anything you know where to find me ." I turned to walk in the direction of my room but was stopped by Germany.


God, I love the way she said my name. It sends shivers down my spine.

I turned to look at her."Yeah."

"When is the marriage going to end?"


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