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   Chapter 2 Crazy Talk

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Marcus“s POV

"You“ve got to be joking?"She chuckled, causing her sea green eyes to glimmer.

I smirked,"No I“m dead serious."I claimed and her smile faded as her eyes turned a shade darker.

"Clearly your crazy or some fuse back there in that small ass brain of yours has broken."She whispers yelled, glaring at me."What happened to I“m mister anti commitment?"She created a mock deep voice while lifting her shoulders slightly.

I was guessing she was mocking me.

"Yeah, that“s exactly why I“m asking your hand in marriage.......temporarily,"I added and she turned her head in the other direction.

"You could have any other women.I will even help you find that unlucky doll that will put up with you, temporally."She laughed in a mock tone.

"Though the offer sounds quite amusing sweet cheeks.I want you to be the unlucky doll."She ran her hands through her dark brown locks from frustration.

"You have not committed to one woman for more than twenty-four hours."She claimed to push her glasses up with her index finger."And when Alexa your bitch of a high school sweetheart claimed to be pregnant with your child the next day you found out it wasn“t yours ."She hissed, huffing a deep breath.

"And your point is."I motioned my hands in a circular motion towards her.

"You realize when you“re married to someone, in general, you can“t go fucking any women you see.The media will eat it up and we would be the laughing stock of the century."If it was someone else who told me this I wouldn“t really take this to heart but it“s my best friend so it did sort of bruise my ego besides I didn“t fuck every woman I see I had my occasional rejects pile.

"I realize that German

y,"I claimed, with a smirk to pretend like I wasn“t offended by her insult.

"I“m not trying to take your freedom from you but if you will not bring your women to the house and make sure the bitch knows how to keep her mouth shut because I would gladly take out Mr. Friendly fist over here."She replied, in a stern tone and I couldn“t help but smirk.

"So you agree to marry me,"I asked and she glared at me?

"Out of that whole explanation that took most of my damn energy you only understood that?"She scowled, burying her head in her hands and I couldn“t help but laugh."You don“t think your Mom will get suspicious of anything?"I shook my head.

"No all she cares about is seeing her grandchildren."Her eyes widened and I couldn“t help but smirk.

I mean she“s beautiful but it would be like kissing a dead fish or would it the horny side of me thought.

No no, she“s my best friend I can not do that.

She grimaced,"That“s not happening, like ever."

"Why not our children would be cute." She scoffed, as we got up heading out the exit.

"You realize in most cases that require“s us to be somewhat intimate."Her cheeks turned a cute Scarlett red as she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

"I was just joking.I don“t want children ever in my life.There snobby, annoying, conceited, must I continue."


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