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   Chapter 1 The Proposal

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Marcus“s POV

Taking a last glance at my appearance I decided to head down stairs for breakfast but right when I slammed the door shut Amara called me for the thousandth time that morning. I really did not feel like playing the interrogation of the day this early in the morning so I declined the call once more.

I have no idea why she feels the need to interrogate me when were not in a relationship but I should get used to it by now its been like this ever since I met her my last year of college.I would make the mistake of sleeping with her, she would hunt me down for a good five months and then were on repeat. Germany advised me to dump her multiple times and I would have years ago if it wasn“t for her hot body.

Once I reached the kitchen my Mom and my twin sister Paisley were already seated at the table but just when I was about to take a seat Amara called again this timeI decided to answer it even though I knew my mother was going to drag me to hell afterwards.

"After two hundred and fifty calls .You finally decided to answer."Amara yelled and I could have sworn soon enough I was going to go deaf.

"Amara I was working late at the office, baby-"

"Save it Marcus I saw you with that slut at the bar.I am tired of downgrading myself in hope that you would care for me like you care for Winter.She“s always your top priority.You never put anyone over-"I decided to interrupt her because she was starting to sound a bit delusional.

I cleared my throat,"Germany is my best friend and has been my best friend ever since we were in college. Next time you talk about her like that I will cut all my ties with you Amara."I replied in a stern voice and then ended the call and my Mom was sitting there glaring at me, I could feel a speech coming.

"Your behavior has been unacceptable Marcus. I thought it was just a phase but you continue to show me every day how irresponsible you are.I try to find excuses for you.I understand you don“t have a father figure, and was raised in a house hold of females then came Alexa-"

My blood was boiling and soon enough if I didn“t stop her I was going to go off the rails.I hated when she brought up Alexa.I simply didn“t want to remember Alexa.She was a page in my book that I didn“t want to discuss.

"Mom please make your point already because I have a meeting in an hour that I need to attend."I snapped and I could tell there was an idea running through her head because of the way she moved her jaw from side to side.

"I tried to avoid this situation but I think your grandmother is right .You need to find a wife as soon as possible."She blurted out and if it weren“t for the stern look that she gave I would have concluded that she was joking.

So like an idiot I challenged her,"Or what?"

"The CEO position wouldn“t be your“s any longer."She announced and I shook my head because I knew there wasn“t any one she could possibly hand it to.

"Ok I mean no offense but unlike Paisley I associate with the living......You know her being a medical examiner and all."I retorted and she cocked her head in my direction throwing me one of her famous I will kill you glares.

She cleared her throat,"I mean at least I“m not hung up on my high school girl friend."Paisley chuckled, bringing her attention back to her book.


"If I have to I will give it to Jessica."She smirked and my jaw dropped at this because Jessica was all looks and no brain for God“s sake she barely finished hi

gh school then decided to go into the fuckin modeling industry.How the hell is she supposed to know about managing a chain of restaurants and hotels.

This was clearly an outrage no no outrage would be an understatement.

Germany“s POV

"You have got to be kidding me."I chuckled, in a sarcastic tone because I dreaded the fact that I had worst luck of all times, no one could top me.

"I“m so sorry Germany but the only way you could get the last chair for the screen writing position of our latest movie is if you become a permanent citizen of the U.S........she trailed off a bit and no doubt I was beginning to lose patience.The bitch knew I deserved this position but she couldn“t find a weakness on me so she used this load of crap to get back at me because the director was the one flirting with me.She was acting like he doesn“t flirt with anyone who had a vagina. I had to admit though it was pretty sneaky." Can you leave now,I have a lot of work to do."It sounded more like a question then a command but I wasn“t going to start a fight about it so I simply nodded my head.

Once I reached the exit I got a text from Marcus telling me to meet him at the nearest star bucks from my location.

I thanked my lucky stars that the world wasn“t completely against me today because it was only a couple blocks away so it only took me ten minutes since the sidewalks of Chicago were almost, always crowded.

When I entered it didn“t take me long to find him since he was surrounded by woman.

"Oh my god Marcus are you cheating on me?"I blurted, and all three women gaped at me.I“m guessing it had to do with the fact I was wearing a jet black sweatshirt, a pair of converse, sweat pants and some loose strands of my dirty blonde hair were sticking out of my so claimed messy bun while also claiming to be with a good looking not to mention well dressed billionaire.

The only brunette in the group scoffed,"Marcus you know this freak?"They all rolled their eyes in union and I fought the urge not to pull out those dollar store extensions from their hair.

"Baby it“s not what it looks like they threw themselves at me."The three stooges cocked their head in his direction and I folded my arms against my chest to make it more dramatic.

"What a jackass, don“t you dare call us."The thinest of them all said and then they all left while we broke into laughter.

"So how“s it going?"He asked, making me want to slam my head against the wall and he could clearly see that from the expression I had on my face.

I rolled my eyes because just thinking of that bitch made my head hurt."You know the last screen writing position for The Lover and the Scent that I applied for six months in advance?"He shook his head."Well I got it but wait that“s not the best part she used the expiration of my visa as an excuse not to give me the job all because her boss is a man whore and flirts with every women in his way."He chuckled at the last part and till now I still do wander why I put up with an idiot like him."Stop laughing you jack ass."

His laughter died down and his face became stern yet his grey orbs had a hint of laughter in them."Marry me."


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