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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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"Natalia I'm pregnant and it's getting to the point where it's kind of obvious." Emilia rolled her eyes at her sisters absurd idea while she wrapped her hands around her small baby bump.

A smile made its way on Marcello's lips at the thought of Emilia already showing.

Natalia sighed."Your barely showing and if a guy asks just say you've gained a little weight."Emilia frowned a little.

Marcello was holding himself hard not to march over there to take Emilia and lock her up in his room just so no mans eyes were prying at what was his.

"Have I really?"Emilia asked as she examined herself throughly.

Marcellos heart clenched at her question. Of course she hadn't gained any weight. It's just her sister was being kind of a bitch to get what she wanted. He so badly wanted to yell at her and tell her to leave her alone but then he didn't want to draw up any suspiciouns about his relation with Emilia for her sake, so he kept quiet.

Natalia scrunched her nose in disgust as she said,"A little bit yeah."A frown made its way on Emilas lips."Your breast look bigger as well as your ass and you've gained some curves."

To most people this would seem as a compliment but to Emilia it was the exact opposite because Natalia always talked about how girls with big boobs and big butts as well as curvy girls were not attractive at all. She would always make fun of those women when they did a photoshoot at her magazine saying there so fat they have to have there clothes refitted.

Emilias eyes began to water and of course she didn't want to show Natalia that she got to her so s

arcello's kiss though she didn't want too she couldn't help but scold him."You could have gone to your room."He simply ignored her as a smirk made its way on his face.

She huffed a sigh and than dashed to open the door.

There stood a very aggravated Natalia."It took you long enough."She rolled her eyes."So are we going tonight?"

Marcello couldn't help but cringe the sound of her voice. She was beyond annoying.

Emilia averted her gaze."I don't think it's a good idea, Natalia."She all but said too quickly as she rubbed her baby bump.

"Why not?"She asked."Its your last day here we have to make it memorable plus who knows when I'll see you again."She told her while taking her hand into hers.

She sighed before nodding."Okay."Natalia couldn't help but jump.

"Okay, be ready for 8:00pm."She told her and than left.

As soon as the door closed Marcello came out."Your not going."


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