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5 Years Ago

"Liam do you think there's a problem?"Marcello asked his best friend, a frown making its way on his lips as he straightened a crease on his tux.

Liam laughed while slightly shaking his head."Jezz dude its been only fifteen minutes calm your balls down."

Marcello glared at him."Yes But Maria is never a single minute late for anything at all and the one day she is late just happens to be the day of our wedding."

Liam sighed."Not to make you any more nervous than you are but my friend you make a solid points."

Marcello's figure tensed at Liam's words. Deep down he had a feeling something was wrong but somebody especially Liam the person who took nothing seriously pointing it out besides him made him anxious.

"I'm going to go check on her," Marcello said all to quickly and began walking towards the room where Maria was situated before Liam could stop him.

He made it to the room in a record of time but he just couldn't find it in him to walk in.

Each time he gained the courage to walk in his thoughts dragged him down.

Marcello's palms were sweating profusely at the thought of something being wrong.

He took a deep breathe and before he could change his mind he walked in.

Maria was on lying on the edge of the bed balling her eyes out.

He couldn't help it his heart clenched at her sadness. Whatever made her sad made him sad. He so badly wanted to get rid of all the things that made her sad just so she can smile endlessly without a care to the world.

"What's wrong, tesoro?"Her olive green eyes met his blue ones.

Her orbs carried so much regret within them as she mumbled."I'm sorry," She spoke tears pouring down her cheeks.

His eyebrows thrust up in confusion."What are you sorry for," He asked fear slowly consuming him.

To say he was deathly afraid of what she was going to say next was an understatement.

She unclenched her fist slowly to reveal a balled up piece of paper.

He took the paper from her hand and unballed.

It read she was pregnant.

A smile began to make its way on his lips but before his smile made its way fully across his lips his eyes landed on how many weeks pregnant she was.

4 weeks.

Wait but he wasn't here all month because he was stuck in Japan working on a business plan.

His heart shattered at that

problem."He ranted as he handed her the key to the car and a gun."I wish you the best of luck." Marcelo said and then turned to leave.

"Thank you," Maria muttered and Marcelo nodded before exiting the room.

Marcelo awoke with sweat dripping down his back.

He didn't understand why he was seeing dreams about her after so long. He hadn't dreamed of her in over two years or better yet thought of her in a very long time unless you count the part where he was comparing the innocent woman who was carrying his baby to the devils spawn but other than that she hadn't crossed his mind.

He decided to push the thoughts of that unholy creature to the side and go begin his morning routine.




After he was done with his morning routine Marcelo made it to the kitchen so he can grab a bite to eat but was stopped by the voice of Emilia.

"Natalia, I'm really not in the mood," Emilia protested while running a hands though her hair.

"Come on Emilia, pretty please we have to go bar hopping for your final day in New York," Natalia insisted giving Emilia her puppy dog eyes."Just imagine all the beautiful American men you would encounter."


Hey, My Babies

I'm sorry it's been a while because my other books were occupying my time along with school and work but now that I'm on summer break and my other two books are finished I will devote my time to this book!

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