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   Chapter 10

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Marcello woke up with the sun shining brightly on his eyelids to find Emilia laying there on his chest with their legs entangled together and to his surprise fully clothed.He hasn't just slept with a woman ever not even with Maria and this scared every fiber, in his bones because he liked the feeling of having his woman and baby in his arms at the same time.For some odd reason, he couldn't point out they gave him strength, a reason to live.

He pulled up his wrist swiftly and checked the time.He had to be in his company for a meeting with his cousin Antonio.

He slid her head off his chest slowly but calmly. Marcello placed a kiss on her temple that caused jolts of electricity to run up and down his body, as her intoxicating scent filled his nostrils it made one place in particular jump in excitement. Her effect on him was uncanny.

He quickly showered, changed and left his room before he did something that was uncalled for.

Shortly after, Emilia woke up and based on the strong Bleu de Channel cologne and the comfy Tempur Pedic mattress she knew she wasn't in her own room.Her eyes widened as she felt a strong sense of deja vu consume her. She couldn't have slept with him again.Emilia's breathing became heavier and her heartbeat quickened as she pulled the blanket off of her small figure.She felt a sense of relief wash over her because she didn't want him to think her body was open for his pleasure anytime he pleased.

Emilia hopped off his bed but stopped when something about her reflection caught her eyes in Marcello's mirror.She hadn't notice

walked away in tears.

Emilia quickly ran towards the kitchen to grab some food but she bumped into Marcello on her way.

He groaned,"What is up with you and bumping into me?"

She couldn't look at him because one she was scared of the expression on his face and two she was crying. She didn't want him to see her like that again.

"I-I am sorry."She croaked, he noticed the despair in her voice and so he placed his hand on her chin and pulled it upwards.

He gave her a look of disgust"Why are you always crying?"He practically boomed.

She wiped away her tears and turned to leave but he grasped her hand roughly.

"Stop crying."

She flinched before saying,"Marcello you're hurting me. Let go"

He let go of her and walked away but not before nudging her with his shoulder.


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