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   Chapter 9

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"Oh, you two are finally here," Xavier said, looking at Emilia then back at his son.They both nodded and took a seat on the big table.

To Marcello's displeasure, Emilia ended up sitting next Gabriel which made his whole figure tense and the way Gabriel was checking out Emilia did not make anything easier.

Juliana smiled as Xavier said,"We have news for you guys!"They all brought their attention to Xavier."We got married."The room was filled with silence before Camila's utensils dropped to her plate and she quickly flashed a look of disapproval to her younger brother.

"And you didn't care to tell us before you got married?You got married as if you have no family at all!"She exclaimed, standing up from her seat.

"Camila sit down your making a scene."She shook her head because it disappointed her to know her brother was more concerned about the public eye more than her feelings.

She chuckled sarcastically,"I can't believe you.I can not believe how self-centered you are"She trailed off for a bit..."Juliana, you actually think putting two young women in the house full of men like Gabriel is such a good idea.Knowing my nephew he's already planning which one of your daughters will warm his bed soon."She exclaimed and Juliana gasped as anger arises in her.

Gabriel had a smirk on his face while the conversation was taking place yes he did want Emilia to warm his bed but he wanted her to be his and only his.

"Camila that's enough.You have crossed the line."Xavier y

to cry as he stripped out of his shirt but this time she placed a hand on his back and touched the bruises."Does he hurt you all the time?"She asked, as his body tensed.

"That's beside the point Emilia lets just acknowledge the fact you could have been hurt for a second.The baby could have been hurt.You don't even realize how dangerous that ass hole is.What if he hurt you too huh?Did you not think-"He stopped because to this point Emilia was sobbing and this made something tug at his heart.He took a deep breath before embracing her into a hug."Don't cry bambina."

"Your right I'm sorry I wasn't thinking.I just didn't want to see you get hurt. She continued to cry in the crook of his neck as he soothed her.

"I was a bit harsh."He replied, sincerely.


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