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   Chapter 7

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"Um Marcello I need to call Natalia to let her know I'm already home because she's has been bugging me all morning."All Marcello could do was shake his head because the amount of shock he was feeling, was quite overpowering.

The moment she left, a white document hit the ground and Marcello walked forward to pick it up.He was about to place it back on the vanity mirror but once he saw it was from the hospital, like every other human he was curious.

He scanned the document slowly and once his eyes hit positive for pregnancy realization dawned upon him even though deep down he didn't want to admit it.He wanted nothing to do with Emilia or the child but he had to confront her.He had to know.

Emilia came out sooner then later with a smile on her face but once she saw results in his hands the smile faded as she quickly grabbed it from his hands.

"Who's the bastard's father?" Marcello's cold eyes narrowed to the test resu

a's rejection to him.

He tried to convince himself that he would be nothing like his father multiple times but maybe Emilia was right maybe his hatred towards his father had become fear and soon enough he would be a spitting image of him but he didn't want that.He wanted to be completely opposite of him.


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