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   Chapter 6 Emilia“s POV

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I tried to act as casual as possible even though the smile I put on was completely fake,"Its um...because I“m hungry."I chuckled and he shook his head."The doctors said you could get out of here today if you like and my Mom says that your Dad wants to see all of us at dinner party tonight.He claims he has a big announcement."

He rolled his eyes,"All he“s good at is bossing people around......"He trailed off for a bit but then his deep blue eyes locked with mine."Don“t tell anyone about this accident."I shook my head to confirm that nothing will slip from my behalf.

The door flew open and in came a less stern and younger version of Marcello with a carry on bag on his shoulder.I was guessing he was his younger brother.

I had to admit though he was very attractive not attractive would be an understatement

"When they called me I was boarding my from Detroit.Dude I thought you were..."His eyes met mine and a smirk appeared on his face."Ummm hello, the names Gabriele.May I say you are one fine beauty."He chuckled which caused me to blush.

"My names Emilia.Rene."We shook hands and for some reason he wouldn“t let go of my hand better yet stop staring at me.For a second there I thought something was wrong with me before Marcello cleared his throat to remind him that he was in fact still here."Alright I will be on my way.See you guys later"rd Person POV

From the moment Gabriel walked into the room he was astonished by the beauty Emilia contained.He wasted no time to find out more about her the minute she walked out of the room.

"Are you two

aring a warm steel high neck halter silhouette that falls into skin-baring front and back cut-outs with a floor-length skirt with steel pumps and her hair wavy brown hair was in a messy bun with only a few strands sticking out.

She didn“t notice him at first because she was still fixing her appearance and not a word came out of him since he was lost in her trance.

Another five minutes past as he gazed at her appearance he finally decided to clear his throat, Emilia turned around startled but once she saw it was him her fast beating heart calmed down for some reason she felt safe around him.

"Marcello umm what are you doing here?"She scratched the back of her neck because she was slightly nervous but all Marcello focused on was the infinity tattoo on her wrist suddenly without much alarm everything came back to him from that night.


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