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   Chapter 5 Emilia“s POV

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Sitting in the waiting room was making Emilia“s nerves go wild.She didn“t know why she felt so concerned for him but she did. Every minute that passed felt like a year to her and she knew her thoughts would make her brain explode if she didn“t find the cause.

"What happened?" Emilia asked her sister in a calm tone but Natalia didn“t have the nerve to confront her sister of the events that happened hours ago.Emilia“s voice slightly rose,"What happened Natalia?"Natalia clued her eyes to the white tiled floor.

"He was saying he couldn“t wait to get rid of us.I laughed and told him that wasn“t happening anytime soon and then told him about our parents marriage. He-"Emilia gripped her head tight and she felt the anger building up inside her.

"You did what?"She asked gritting on her teeth and Natalia began to cry once again."Its not your fuckin place to tell him about there marriage." She took a deep breathe and got up from her spot to examine Natalia,"Gosh Natalia you act as if your a damn two year old."

"You have to understand I was pissed about the marriage one thing lead to another and he punched the window of his car........."She trailed off before making eye contact with Emilia,"Wait why are you being so defensive of him?"She asked, completely confused but Emilia completely avoided eye contact.

Emilia“s POV

I couldn“t look her in the eye and tell her he was the one at the bar.

My first kiss.

The one I gave my virginity to.

The first man I ever got intimate with and unleashed the wild side of me.

The father of my child, who he knew nothing about and what hurt me the most is, he didn“t recognize me.It made upset which caused me debate with my self on whether or not to tell him. How would I even know if he wants his child better accepts him or her into his life?What if he doesn“t believe me and what would I tell my Mum?I hated upsetting her.

Natalia“s snapping pulled me out of my train of thoughts.

"Do you like Marcello?"She asked with a look of disgust swarming her face and I couldn“t help but feel my stomach twist at the mention of his name.I had to admit he was hot but the look on Natalia“s face made him seem like he was the devil himself.

I nodded my head practically mocking the look on her face,"No that“s rubbish I would never."I replied and she nodded her head as I felt a weight drop over my shoulders.I knew some part of me did feel something for the cold hearted ass whole in there but I didn“t want to admit it.

"Ok good because that would be weird."She mumbled under her breathe loud enough for me to hear and I simply rolled my eyes. She was acting so irrational I was going to slap her. We weren“t even related.What was the crime in liking him.

The a mid aged doctor exited the O.R and without much thought I practically ran towards him."How is he?"I asked trying not to have a nervous break down.

The doctor took in a deep breathe before asking,"Who are you to the patient?"If Natalia wasn“t there, I would have literally told the doctor the truth so stood there fumbling with my fingers trying to come up with something.

"Were his sist

ers."Natalia replied for me but I wish she hadn“t something about that statement made me nauseous.

The doctor shook his head,"Though the damage to his hand wasn“t as severe.The mid three metacarpal veins are sprained but nothing is broken but when he hit the glass the skin that was covering the basilic vein ruptured.He was lucky because he didn“t have much damage done to his skin so we stitched it together.In a week we can take of the stitches as for the his hand give it about two weeks and it will heal."He smiled assuring us that everything was going to be alright,"He“s being moved to a room down the hall if you would like to see him but he“s not yet conscious so I ask you go in one at a time."The doctor disappeared into the elevator and I felt relived to hear his words.

"You can see him. I could care less what happens to that heartless soul.I will take Noah and go home."She said, blankly and I just glared at her.

The nerve she contained.

"Because of you he. Could. Have. Died."I yelled barely containing my self any longer. She was pissing me off.

"Don“t worry he“s the devils spawn. I“m sure he would a way out of even death."She ran a hand through her dark brown hair and then turned to look me in directly in the eye."Emilia stop feeling sorry for that ass whole he allowed that pink covered Barbie to practically drug you-"I put my hand up because I was tired of hearing her and then without much thought in the process I quickly entered the room and shut the door to find Marcello lying there with his eyes shut.

I am scared to come any closer to him even though I have seen the gentle side to him but then again that was for his own pleasure. I shouldn“t let Natalia to get to my head.

"You can come closer I“m not going to bite."He chuckled and I could tell he was trying to lighten the mood."Nobody came?"I shook my head and he sighed,"I“m used to it my Mom is a busy surgeon, my brother is in a college half way across the world and my Dad could care less what happens to me."I couldn“t help but feel sorry for him but I wasn“t going to tell him that."Why are you here?"

I wanted to say, I“m doing it mostly for our baby and somewhat for me but I couldn“t something in was telling me to hold off for now.

"Um I don“t think anyone knows about your accident and all I wanted was to check on you...if ah if you want I can leave?" I stuttered through out the whole reply gosh I“m such an idiot.

"No one asked you to leave Rene."He replied and to the most I can do was nod my head as he stared at me."She“s right you shouldn“t feel sorry for me."I rolled my eyes.

I snorted,"I don“t feel sorry for your stupid ass."He just laughed and unconsciously I rubbed my baby bump which was nearly showing even though I was nearly six weeks in my pregnancy.

"Why are you rubbing your stomach?"He asked giving me a puzzled look.


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