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   Chapter 4

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The second Natalia came falling down a shriek escaped her lips as her heart rate accelerated greatly, everyone gasped in fear of what was going to happen and luckily Zachary appeared just in time to catch Natalia from hurting her self but they ended up stumbling into the four feet waterfall design pool.

She climbed onto the muscles that were holding onto her tightly and was astonished to see such a gorgeous face staring right back at her.

On the other hand Emilia was drowning so badly in seven feet water that she couldn“t yell for help and everyone was continuing to laugh at her appearance including Marcello.He wanted her to pay for what she did to him but he was the first one to notice she wasn“t struggling anymore in fact she made no noises indicating she was okay.

His eyes widened locking gazes with Charlotte but she cared less, "Oh my she drowned!"He mumbled loud enough for Charolette to hear him but she simply rolled her eyes.

"Oh my God. The bitch is lying. Just leave her."Charlotte grimaced giving Marcello a knowing look but he ignored her diving right into the pool to grab Emilia and surely she was unconscious, looking paler than a ghost.

He placed her onto the floor and put his hand under her nose to check her breathing but she wasn“t.He lost it right then and began to yell,"Can somebody help me she isn“t breathing?"But no one dared to step up fearing they would go to jail if they stepped near her.

Charolette rolled her eyes and snorted,"She is acting Marcello.Can“t you see it?"At her words his blood boiled and his anger struck from under him.

"Can“t you see she“s not moving Charlie. For Goodness sake do you have no damn heart?"He roared looking down at Emilia and did we he knew best in the situation. He preformed CPR. Quickly placing his lips on hers Marcello couldn“t help but feel that electric jolt he received was quite familiar to him and when he removed them there was a magnetic pull making him want to stay glued to them.The thoughts where quickly dismissed when Emilia“s eyes shot open and water poured out of her mouth like she was some open sink.

She gasped for air quickly siting up to find Marcello gazing at her in relief,"Oh my God.I“m so happy your alive."Marcello engulfed her into a hug and the feeling that sprung upon him made him feel he“d know her his whole life but then he remembered what she did to him this morning so he quickly pulled away from her.

Emilia noticed all eyes were on them so she quickly ran inside and before she knew it tears were making it down her cheek. She suspected Charolette had something to do with how dizzy she felt but didn“t want to confront her without evidence so she changed into an oversized t-shirt, and cried her self to sleep.




"Natalia you are twenty one years old when are you going to start acting like a responsible adult?"Juliana“s blood was boiling as Natalia could barely make eye contact with her mother.She was ashamed of what she had done but at that moment she barely cared.

She sighed,"I was afraid your going to get married to that scum bag. I“m sorry Mum."Juliana“s heart warmed a little but she quickly remembered the position Natalia was in and her anger arose once again.

"You could have died. I could have lost you."Juliana began to cry and Natalia hugged her Mum to comfort her."You and your siblings will eventually get married or create separate lives away from me and I will be alone. I don“t want to be alone."Juliana sobbed and Natalia stepped back to observe her Mum. She knew she was being selfish if she asked her not to get married to Xavier.

Natalia rolled her eyes,"Mum your not going to be alone."Juliana nodded her head in protest.

"Yes I am

."She mumbled continuing to sob onto her daughters blouse.

Natalia finally gave in because she didn“t want to stand in the way of her mothers happiness.

"Ok if you want to marry him.Go ahead."Juliana pulled her head up in surprise.

She quickly wiped her tears,"Really, what made you change your mind?"Juliana asked, curiously.

Natalia smiled caressing her mothers cheek,"Because I don“t want to stand in the way of your happiness."She replied hugging her Mum once more.




The morning Emilia awoke she was told by her Mum to report to the dining area on the balcony.She simply said that they were going to have breakfast together.So Emilia wore a not so tight baby blue t-shirt so the attention wouldn“t be on her barely visible bump along with a pair of jeans with some baby blue all star converse and finally headed towards the balcony the same time Marcello did.

Marcello eyes locked with hers but she quickly averted from his ocean blue eyes.Marcello grabbed a piece of toast and headed for the exit.

"Where do you think your going?"Xavier hissed in a cold tone, glaring towards Marcello and he turned so he can give him an explanation. Even though he felt he didn“t need to give him one being the age of twenty nine and making his own income without the help of his father.

"Its Sunday I don“t have work today. So I“m going to the beach with my friends."He replied, turning back around.

"Ok good take Natalia, Noah and Emilia with you."Marcello rolled his eyes turning back around to glare at his father.

"They don“t even know the area they can get lost."He protested but Xavier wouldn“t have it.

Emilia interrupted there feud, "I uh need to go see a doctor because I think I caught a cold yesterday.So I can“t go."In Marcello“s eyes was a hint of concern because he knew she was sick because of him but it was quickly overshadowed when his father ordered him once again to take them with him.So he did and Emilia quickly went inside to grab her bag.

The real reason she had to visit the doctor was to make sure her baby wasn“t harmed yesterday or the numerous amounts of tests she took confirmed she was in fact pregnant but she was waiting for cleared blood test to tell Marcello she was pregnant with his child.




"Hi my name is Dr.Hyde.What can I help you with today?"The pretty blonde women asked Emilia as friendly as she could.

Emilia took a deep breathe,"Can I do a blood test to make sure theres nothing in it thats harming my baby?"

"So why do you think so and you know your pregnant?"Dr.Hyde asked pulling out a cup with a needle along with an alcohol wipe.

Emilia nodded,"Yes I did multiple pregnancy test at home and they all were positive.Yesterday I drank something that caused me to get dizzy but I have no clue what it is."After the nurse drew blood from Emilia he wiped the spot where she was bleeding and told her she could leave.

"When will the results be in?"Emilia asked the nurse who was cleaning up and disposing of the used materials.

"Usually it takes five maybe six hours. So you can come back tomorrow at this same time."Emilia walked out into the lobby to find Natalia crying intensely.

Emilia patted her sisters shoulder,"Natalia what“s wrong?"

"Its my fault. Its my fault Marcello hit his hand against the glass table."Emilia“s eyes widened as her heart sunk deep down.

She felt quite dizzy and barely managed to muster,""


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